The 15 Best Single-Game NBA Regular Season Performances Since 1983

Which NBA player has put together the most dominant performance in a single game over the past 34 years?

Points. Shooting. Efficiency. Assists. Rebounds.

There are several ways to measure good performances. The question is: How do we account for everything, all at once?

Up until 1983, we didn't have one specific way to do that. Nowadays, we have Basketball Reference's Game Score, a rough measure of a player's productivity for a single game. A score of 40 is outstanding while a score of 10 is simply average. For particulars on the formula, you can go here.

Of all the outstanding games over the past 30 NBA seasons, which ones have been the best of the best?

Basically, a Game Score of 50 is just that. So, starting with 15 and ending with number 1, here are the 15 single-game performances that rise above all the rest.