By the Numbers: The 10 Best NBA Teams of All-Time

How many Chicago Bulls teams from the Michael Jordan era crack the list?

If you've watched any of their games lately, the eye-test would suggest the Golden State Warriors again look like they might be the best team of all-time. It's likely a debate that will never end.

Are they the best? Are they better than the Michael Jordan's 1995-96 Chicago Bulls?

But, have you ever sat down and wondered, "Are the '95-96 Bulls the best team of all-time?" Are they truly the measuring stick?

In examining the top-10 teams of all-time, we discover the answer to that question.

Utilizing Basketball Reference's Simple Rating System (SRS) -- a team rating that takes into account average point differential and strength of schedule, where zero is average -- we're uncovering which team boasts the best on-court performance over the course of a season, rather than just which teams won a championship or produced the most legendary players.

That's the process behind the list. Like it or not, here are the top 10 NBA teams of all-time.