numberFire's MLB Opening Day Blowout

All of the Fantasy Hitting Previews and Team Breakdowns you can handle.

It's that time of year again, when saying, "Down with the Yankees!" means you're more patriotic than less. When saying, "Those Cubs sure do look ugly!" doesn't receive death threats from PETA. When saying, "Let's chase the Indians out of Minnesota!" is... well, still mildly racist, but you get the point. It's baseball time!

We've been prepping for this day for a solid month. We've given you fantasy previews of the top ten players at each hitting position. We've also given you a look at a few key teams that we'll be following throughout the season. Make sure to see if your favorite team is below, then follow your team's author to receive updates every time a new article is posted.

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The Fantasy Previews

Catchers: Joe Mauer over Buster Posey?

First Basemen: Older Could Mean Better

Second Basemen: Two Distinct Tiers

Shortstops: Ian Desmond No. 1

Third Basemen: Bury David Wright, Please

Outfielders: Top Targets Overvalued

The Team Previews

Atlanta Braves (covered by Alex Hampl every Wednesday): Pitchingand Hitting

Chicago Cubs (covered by Michael Ruemmele every Monday): Pitching and Hitting

Minnesota Twins (covered by Jim Sannes every Friday): Pitching and Hitting

New York Yankees (covered by Eric Mayo every Monday): Pitching and Hitting

Oakland Athletics (covered by Matt Keith every Friday): Pitching and Hitting

Philadelphia Phillies (covered by Brett Weisband every Tuesday): Pitching and Hitting

San Francisco Giants (covered by Zach Warren every Thursday): Pitching and Hitting