4 Daily Fantasy Baseball Stacks for 7/23/15

With Zack Godley coming all the way up from Double-A, it could be time to unleash the Brewers' bats.

Each day here on numberFire, we'll be providing you with four potential offenses to stack in your daily fantasy lineups. These are the offenses that provide huge run potential on that given day based on matchups and other factors.

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Now, let's get to the stacks. Here are the teams you should be targeting in daily fantasy baseball today.

Milwaukee Brewers

It seems mildly blasphemous to stack against a guy named Zack Godley, but you and I have almost as many starts above High-A ball as he does. So let's roll with it.

Godley was promoted to Double-A from High-A back on July 1st. In his three starts at Double-A, Godley racked up a grand total of eight strikeouts compared to six walks. He has had more strikeouts than innings pitched at every stop along the way, but that dominance halted at the highest level. Now, he's ready to climb up to the big leagues. This should be interesting, if nothing else.

In the minors, Godley tallied more strikeouts against lefties, but he also issued more walks. Baseball Reference doesn't show batted-ball platoon data, but right-handed batters did ground into seven double plays against Godley compared to none by left handers. It seems as if the right handers would have a higher ground-ball rate against him. Because of all of this, I'd be inclined to give Adam Lind and Gerardo Parra a sizable bump tonight.

St. Louis Cardinals

Now that the Cardinals are pretty much back to full health, it's time to give them a bump again against righties. Especially when those righties don't record a lot of strikeouts, don't have the best control, and can't keep the ball on the ground. Hello to you, Chris Young.

With Young, you really can't go wrong based on handedness. Left-handers are a bit better as he strikes them out less and issues more walks, but both are equally fly-ball happy against him. He (assuming the baseball gods don't continue to smile on him too kindly) provides both a decent floor and a sweet ceiling.

If we're solely in pursuit of a double dong tonight (probably not a great idea, but whatever), I'm rolling with Randal Grichuk. He doesn't have the platoon advantage, but he does have a .287 isolated slugging, a 41.7 percent hard-hit rate, and a 39.6 percent fly-ball rate. That's a sweet little combination for a guy against a heavy fly-ball pitcher. A double dong may ambitious, but Grichuk is a great option for his extra-base upside.

Houston Astros

Super stoked to stack against Wade Miley six days after he made me look like a fool by one-hitting the Angels. He has shown marked improvement since the beginning of the season, posting a 4.00 xFIP from May 8th on. But, as with the Astros the past two nights, this is a fun match-up on paper.

Miley has had better strikeout success against right-handed batters, but it's still below average at 6.92 per nine innings. He also possesses double the walk rate to batters of that handedness and a 33.3 percent fly-ball rate. He's not a top stacking option, but when facing the Astros on the road, he slots in just fine.

When you're stacking the Astros, it's never bad to include some safer guys within the stack. This would be those few rare hombres they allow in the clubhouse who don't strike out like nobody's business. Against lefties, Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa (duh), and Evan Gattis (huh?) all have strikeout percentages of 17.0 percent or lower. I'd try to include at least two of them to provide some degree of a floor in a stack that's always so beautifully unpredictable.

Los Angeles Angels

Narrative street could direct you to go the other way here, rostering Ervin Santana against his former team. But xFIP, SIERA and plate discipline stats tell you that might be a bad idea.

With Santana, it's hard to draw from previous seasons because, not only is he now 32 years old, but he also missed the first 80 games. If we were to judge him based on his first three starts, the judgment would not be a kind one. He struck out only one batter in his last start and benefited greatly from a .179 opponent BABIP. His SIERA sits at 4.45, so it's an all-out stacker's delight if he doesn't show improvement.

Because there's always the chance that Santana could revert back to his 2014 form in which he generated a career-high 11.8 percent swinging-strike rate, I might avoid this stack in cash games. Rolling out a couple bats in cash would be fine, but I think a full-out stack would be best reserved for tournaments just to play things a bit more on the safe side.