Mookie Betts Is Back in a Big, Big Way

After a slow start, the sophomore center fielder for the Red Sox has hit his stride.

Hopefully, you didn't give up on Mookie Betts.

If you're a savvy fantasy baseball player, chances are you hung onto him, knowing that it's pretty foolish to give up on a 22-year-old center fielder with star potential after a couple bad months. And shame on you if you sold low.


Betts is back and in a big, big way, with the second-year man hitting .283/.336/.463 with 9 home runs, 41 RBI, 43 runs scored, a weighted on base average (wOBA) of .344, a weighted runs created (wRC+) of 117, and an fWAR of 2.8 heading into Monday's games. He's on pace to be a five-win player this year, pretty spectacular for a kid his age.

Of course, some of the best players in baseball are his age right now.

However, Betts got off to an extremely slow start this season, and some were worried he might be sent back down to the minors. But month by month, he's gotten better and better.


In April, his 10% walk rate was great, but he was also striking out 17% of the time. He brought both those numbers way down in May, but seemed to find a happy medium in June, which has carried over into July.

He's also solidified himself as one of the best all-around center fielders in the American League, with his 2.8 fWAR tied for seventh-best. So, should he have been an All-Star?

Betts was not named to the American League squad, however, his teammate Brock Holt was. The 27-year-old Holt is the less heralded of the two, but is absolutely having the better season in virtually every offensive category.

Mookie Betts357.283.336.4637.610.9.3441172.8
Brock Holt258.295.383.42411.620.2.3571262.3

Betts has the better fWAR because he is a superior defender and baserunner than Holt. But Holt is certainly deserving of his All-Star spot.

And I think it's safe to say, Betts will get his fair share of All-Star opportunities down the road.