4 Daily Fantasy Baseball Stacks for 5/13/15

With Ricky Nolasco on the bump, the Tigers could be ready for an offensive explosion.

Each day here on numberFire, we'll be providing you with four potential offenses to stack in your daily fantasy lineups. These are the offenses that provide huge run potential on that given day based on matchups and other factors.

After reading through these suggestions, make sure to check out our daily projections. These can either let you know which players to include in each stack, or which guy best complements said stack.

Another great tool is our custom optimal lineups, which are available for premium subscribers. Within the tool, we've added the option to stack teams -- you choose the team you want to stack, show how many players you want to use within the stack, and the tool will create a lineup based on this that you can then customize.

Now, let's get to the stacks. Here are the teams you should be targeting in daily fantasy baseball today.

Detroit Tigers

For all of the improvements the Minnesota Twins' pitching staff has shown this year, the magic seems to have skirted Ricky Nolasco. Through his first three starts, Nolasco has allowed 13 earned runs in 13 innings on 20 hits with 6 walks and 7 strikeouts. The Detroit Tigers should have fun today.

Last year, left-handers slashed at a .329/.387/.519 clip off of Nolasco with 11 home runs in 354 batters faced. This would most likely signal another start for Anthony Gose, who has been putting in work off of righties this year. His .343/.378/.486 slash entering play yesterday combined with his stolen-base proficiency makes him a solid choice if he's hitting leadoff.

The pricing on the Tigers is certainly up a bit for the late slate on DraftKings, but it's far from unreasonable. Even Miguel Cabrera is sitting pretty with a $4,900 price tag. I'd avoid Victor Martinez at $4,800 with his continued struggles against righties, but the rest of the lineup is pretty much fair game.

Washington Nationals

Hello. My name is Jim, and I am addicted to stacking the Nationals. I have been Nats stack clean for a couple of hours, I guess. Probs going to do it again. Don't caaaaaare.

90 percent of the reason it's fun to stack the Nats is watching the silly goodness Bryce Harper oozes. After his home run last night, his slash shot up to .308/.438/.675, which would be gross even if he weren't just 22 years old. He is the highest priced hitter on the early slate on DraftKings at $5,300, but he may be worth it against Jeremy Hellickson.

In his 63.2 innings last year, Hellickson did a nice job of holding left-handed batters in check as they actually had worse numbers than right-handers. That same success has not carried over into 2015 thus far. The first 66 left-handers he has faced this year have hit .417/.470/.661. Nats left-handers could go 4-10 with two doubles today, and all three slash categories would still go down. Load 'em up, roll 'em out, and let 'em rip today, friends.

Baltimore Orioles

Eventually, Aaron Sanchez is going to regress, right? I mean, his 3.62 ERA when viewed next to his 5.68 FIP and 4.93 xFIP has to inflate at some point, right? I'm going to go ahead and say yes, but this man has been a nasty little bee in the bonnet of stackers everywhere this year.

The main thing that Sanchez has going for him that isn't bound to regress is his high ground-ball rate. This does lower the value of the stack, but not enough to hop off completely. It just makes guys like Chris Davis who are heavily dependent on fly balls less attractive.

With that said, it's the left-handers that provide the most value here. They have fared far better against Sanchez in his career, though that is partially due to an unsustainably lower .160 BABIP against by right-handed batters. That, like much of Sanchez's success, has been predicated on luck. If and when that turns around, things will get a little crazy in this bidniss.

Kansas City Royals

The Kansas City Royals went to dong town last night, bopping three dingers against the Rangers and racking up 12 hits. This was the 16th time this year the offense has clanged out double-digit hits and the fourth time in the past six games. The three home runs, however, was the most they had hit in a single game since August 17th of last year. Now, they get another potential friendly match-up in Yovani Gallardo.

Gallardo on the whole has been far from awful this year, but he does possess one fatal flaw: he doesn't strike many batters out. Considering the Royals entered yesterday with the lowest strikeout percentage in the majors, the fightin' Lordes are going to plop a lot of balls in play today. If they do, then the hits could, again, pile up.

Gallardo has regular splits against him, which plays in the favor of the Royals' left-handed batters who have been murking right-handed pitching this year. Eric Hosmer has a .482 wOBA with Alex Gordon at .423 (why is he still hitting sixth?). They're not going to cost you a whole chunk of salary, so I'd say rolling with a Royals' stack is a safe bet this evening.