MLB Sim Sports Picks for 6/10/20 on FanDuel

Carlos Carrasco gets a high-strikeout matchup for Wednesday's simulated slate, making him an ideal pitching option. Who else should we target on FanDuel?

Instead of playing for bonus cash in Wednesday's simulated MLB DFS slate on FanDuel, you get a little extra juice.

The top 500 spots will earn a ticket into FanDuel's PGA Mega Eagle contest, which includes $1 million in total prizes and $100,000 to first. So, in theory, you could spin this free play into a cool 100 grand. Not too shabby.

But in order to do that, you first have to finish in the top 500. That's hard to do if your lineup sucks. So let's dig in and see what the slate looks like.

Here are the starters sorted by their FanDuel salaries. The individual numbers are from starts they made in 2019, and the opposing numbers are based on current active rosters against that pitcher's handedness in 2019.

Pitcher Salary Opponent SIERA Strikeout % Walk % Opp. K% Opp. wRC+
Walker Buehler $11,500 CIN 3.50 29.2% 5.0% 24.3% 95
Stephen Strasburg $10,800 ATL 3.49 29.9% 6.7% 22.4% 100
Carlos Carrasco $10,000 CWS 3.49 28.7% 4.0% 25.6% 107
Zack Greinke $9,300 TEX 3.96 23.1% 3.7% 25.5% 89
Dylan Bundy $8,500 MIA 4.54 23.1% 8.3% 24.4% 95
Lance Lynn $8,400 HOU 3.83 28.1% 6.7% 16.3% 129
Joe Musgrove $8,000 SFG 4.32 21.9% 5.5% 24.0% 89
Luis Castillo $7,800 LOS 3.95 28.9% 10.1% 20.2% 122
Robbie Ray $7,500 COL 4.02 31.5% 11.2% 24.1% 98
Jesus Luzardo $7,300 DET -- -- -- 24.9% 98
Jeff Samardzija $7,200 PIT 4.92 18.9% 6.6% 20.1% 94
Cole Hamels $7,100 WAS 4.55 23.2% 9.1% 20.2% 106
Jon Gray $7,000 ARI 4.28 23.7% 8.4% 21.8% 96
Garrett Richards $6,800 MIL 4.93 26.8% 14.6% 22.8% 102
Reynaldo Lopez $6,500 CLE 4.88 20.9% 8.0% 22.1% 96
Yonny Chirinos $6,200 BOS 4.22 22.3% 5.6% 19.9% 105
Ivan Nova $6,100 OAK 5.16 14.1% 5.8% 22.8% 109
Jordan Yamamoto $6,000 LAA 4.71 25.2% 11.1% 20.3% 109
Brian Johnson $5,700 TAM 5.92 13.9% 10.2% 27.1% 99
Adrian Houser $5,500 SDP 4.08 24.2% 7.5% 25.0% 88

It's worth noting that the game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies is at Coors Field. Neither pitcher is necessarily a pushover, and the offenses aren't top-notch, either, but that does alter things for sure.

At pitcher, Carlos Carrasco ($10,000) has the upside we need to crack the top 500 spots. He's facing the Chicago White Sox, whose rebuilt offense is really impressive, but they also love to whiff. The floor on Carrasco is low, but in a contest like this, ceiling is the only thing that matters, and he has that for sure.

You could also fork over the $11,500 for Walker Buehler against the Cincinnati Reds. There's no easier path to a big score than a pitcher who can rack up strikeouts, and Buehler's 29.2% strikeout rate last year is third-highest on the slate. The Reds' active roster had a 24.3% strikeout rate against righties, which is enough to give Buehler a boost in our minds.

If you're looking to save a bit, you could jump down to Garrett Richards ($6,800). Richards is erratic -- thus the 14.6% walk rate last year -- but he can also get those ever-important strikeouts. The Milwaukee Brewers have been known to dabble in third strikes, too, with a 22.8% strikeout rate against righties. The higher-ceiling route is spending up for Carrasco or Buehler, but Richards works if you are set on splurging at hitter.

As for said hitters, the Coors game is on the table. Robbie Ray has his fair share of implosion games, and Jon Gray's strikeout rate isn't high enough to counteract the big issues of Coors. The Rockies are the better stack for this format, though it's tough to afford them with Carrasco and Buehler as the elite pitchers.

Elsewhere, the Tampa Bay Rays flash as being attractive. Brian Johnson had a 13.9% strikeout rate in his time as a starter last year, nullifying the big weakness in the Rays' bats. After adding certified lefty-bangers Jose Martinez ($2,700) and Hunter Renfroe ($2,500) to the lineup, the Rays are a team with the single-game upside that we need.

You can also check out the Oakland Athletics in their matchup with Ivan Nova. The game is in Detroit rather than the perpetually cool weather of Oakland, giving the hitters a boost, and Nova's strikeout rate as a starter last year was just 14.1%. Although the A's aren't cheap, guys like Matt Olson ($3,800), Matt Chapman ($3,400), and Ramon Laureano ($2,900) have more than enough boom in their profiles to compensate.

Finally, Cleveland deserves consideration against Reynaldo Lopez and his 4.88 SIERA from last year. They've got hitters on each end of the salary spectrum, meaning they fit regardless of where you go with your pitcher and the other stack in your lineup.

The author of this article has no involvement with the MLB Sim Sports simulations powered by numberFire and has no knowledge of the results of tonight’s contest.