Become a Millionaire: SportsTradex Hosts Their Millionaire Maker Pick'Em Contest

Our friends at SportsTradex are hosting a million-dollar contest tomorrow. You won't want to miss out.

If you’re growing tired of the typical salary-driven daily fantasy sports game, we’ve got an alternative for you. Our friends at SportsTradex are hosting their August Millionaire Maker pick’em contest tomorrow where you, the average Joe with an unhealthy amount of baseball knowledge, have a chance to win one million dollars.

Perhaps you’re new to the pick’em contest at SportsTradex, and if you are, you’re missing out. Each pick’em matchup consists of three players on each side, and your goal is to choose the side that you think will score the most fantasy points. Tomorrow’s contest will have 20 different matchups to choose from, and if you get all 20 correct, you’re an instant millionaire. Even if you miss one, you’re still walking away with up to $50,000.

But the great part about the contest is that, no matter what happens, $20,000 is being paid out. It's guaranteed. It’s not as though this is only a high-risk game, folks.

You still, however, shouldn’t go into tomorrow’s big game without an idea of how to win. So let’s run through two strategies that can help you bring home some cash.

Winning the Million

You’ve obviously got an uphill battle to win the million, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for it. There are a couple of strategies that you may want to incorporate when choosing your matchups tomorrow.

1. Pick the dominant pitcher.
There aren’t a ton of aces on the mound for tomorrow’s games, but pinpointing the hurlers you like most is the top way to win these pick’em matchups. Quite simply, pitchers score the most points, and finding the largest variance between their scores is a surefire way to ensure a victory for the matchup.

The matchups themselves won’t be posted on SportsTradex until tomorrow morning, but when they are, feel free to take a look at our projections to see where the biggest discrepancies lie.

2. Pick teams, not players
Most daily fantasy players know what stacking is all about – you choose players from the same team in order to maximize your opportunity to win if that team ends up going bonkers. It’s especially big in baseball, as each player in a lineup is tied to one another in some way – if three guys have a big night, chances are the rest of the lineup will benefit.

And when you stack, you should be looking at opposing pitchers to stack against. In tomorrow’s matchups, a total of 10 probable pitchers have ERAs above 4.00. Target the teams they’re playing against, and consistently choose those players in the pick’em contest. It’s a go-big or go-home way of playing, but if you’re wise with your decision-making, it could lead to a lot of cash in your pockets.

Go Win Some Cash

So what are you waiting for? You have the tools here at numberFire and the strategy to win SportsTradex’s big August Millionaire Maker contest tomorrow. Head on over to the site, sign up and get picking tomorrow morning when the contest opens.