Beat the numberFire Experts: A Free Fantasy Feud Contest

Think you can beat JJ Zachariason and Nik Bonaddio in a fantasy baseball contest? Prove it!

We’re already over a week into the Major League Baseball season, and if you haven’t been over to Fantasy Feud to play in their daily contests, you’re missing out.

Fortunately, you don’t have to miss out any longer. Our friends at Fantasy Feud are hosting a free $200 contest on Friday night for numberFire readers. Yes, it’s free. As in, you don’t have to spend any money. But you can still win plenty of it.

Oh, but there’s more.

As an added bonus, you get to compete against numberFire CEO and Founder Nik Bonaddio, as well as yours truly, in the contest. If you beat one of us while making a deposit on the site, you get a free qualifier entry to a $5,000, one-day fantasy baseball contest – good for an $11 value. If you beat both of us (let’s be honest, it’s a very real possibility), you’ll win three free qualifying entries to a $5,000, one-day fantasy baseball contest. You can do the math – that’s a $33 value just for beating two dudes in a fantasy baseball contest.

It’s only Wednesday, I know, but there are limited seats for the contest, so make sure you join as soon as possible. Also, check back on Friday morning (we’ll post the link on Twitter and Facebook) to see both of our lineups. That way you’ll know exactly what you’re up against, and can tailor your team to precisely beat ours.

So stay tuned! And for the time being, head over to Fantasy Feud and enter the contest!

Enter the Contest Now

Friday Update

Both Nik and I have compiled our lineups, and you can find them below. Feel free to create a lineup that you think will beat these best, as you'll have a chance for multiple free qualifier entries to a $5,000, one-day fantasy baseball contest if you do. Good luck! (You probably won't need it.)

JJ's Lineup

Jose FernandezSP$122,600.00
Madison BumgarnerSP$108,600.00
Chris Davis1B$107,300.00
Andrew McCutchenCF$98,600.00
Shin-Soo ChooLF$85,700.00
Buster PoseyC$84,700.00
Jose Abreu1B$78,200.00
Matt Adams1B$72,200.00
Tyler SkaggsSP$70,200.00
Jonny GomesLF$52,600.00
Marcus Semien3B$49,900.00
Xander BogaertsSS$44,300.00
Kolten Wong2B$25,000.00

Nik's Lineup

Yu DarvishSP$153,800.00
Chris Davis1B$107,300.00
A.J. BurnettSP$104,600.00
Hanley RamirezSS$102,100.00
Aaron Hill2B$74,300.00
Tyler SkaggsSP$70,200.00
Aramis Ramirez3B$67,600.00
Colby RasmusCF$67,000.00
Jason HeywardRF$66,400.00
Dioner NavarroC$60,700.00
Josmil PintoC$60,100.00
David RossC$37,400.00
Marc KraussLF$27,900.00