Updated MLB Division Series Playoff Odds: Monday 10/9/17

Masahiro Tanaka dealt on Sunday, firing seven scoreless innings for a Yankees team that's on the brink of elimination. Trailing 2-1, what are the odds New York comes back to win the series?

Every plate appearance during the MLB postseason has the potential to dramatically swing a series, turning an underdog into the odds-on favorite. With each game, a team moves closer to its ultimate goal of hoisting the World Series trophy.

As such, we here at numberFire are going to keep you up to date with all of the latest postseason odds as the playoffs advance. Each day, we'll give an update, detailing the odds that each team is able to advance to the next round.

Below are the odds entering play on Monday, October 9th.

American League Division Series

Houston Astros lead series against Boston Red Sox, 2-1.

Boston Red Sox win in 517.57%
Boston Red Sox win series17.57%
Houston Astros win in 455.67%
Houston Astros win in 526.76%
Houston Astros win series82.43%

Cleveland Indians lead series against New York Yankees, 2-1.

New York Yankees win in 523.67%
New York Yankees win series23.67%
Cleveland Indians win in 448.95%
Cleveland Indians win in 527.38%
Cleveland Indians win series76.33%

National League Division Series

Chicago Cubs and Washington Nationals are tied, 1-1.

Chicago Cubs win in 425.66%
Chicago Cubs win in 522.73%
Chicago Cubs win series48.39%
Washington Nationals win in 424.45%
Washington Nationals win in 527.16%
Washington Nationals win series51.61%

Los Angeles Dodgers lead series against Arizona Diamondbacks, 2-0.

Arizona Diamondbacks win in 58.63%
Arizona Diamondbacks win series8.63%
Los Angeles Dodgers win in 354.52%
Los Angeles Dodgers win in 424.09%
Los Angeles Dodgers win in 512.76%
Los Angeles Dodgers win series91.37%