Mike Trout Is Off to a Red-Hot Start Even By His Standards

The best player in baseball is off to a stupid-good start, and he's getting an early jump in his quest for another American League MVP award.

When it comes to the greatest baseball player of this generation, Mike Trout isn't talked about very much.

His greatness isn't analyzed all that often, because how many different ways can you say Mike Trout is the best player in baseball and is off to perhaps the greatest start to a career in MLB history? But it's important not to ignore a player whose greatness is so consistent and reliable, because otherwise, it might be taken for granted.

Trout is once again off to a red-hot start for the Los Angeles Angels, smashing dingers, getting on base and robbing home runs. In these first two weeks of the 2017 season, he's carrying the Angels, just as he always has.

On Wednesday night against the Texas Rangers, Trout went deep for the third time this year, and it looked absolutely effortless.

According to MLB's StatCast, that Trout homer went 425 feet to dead center with an exit velocity of 106.0 miles per hour and a launch angle of 25 degrees -- on a breaking ball from a right-hander down in the zone. Folks, it doesn't get any better than that.

So far this season, Trout is batting .294/.359/.735 with 3 bombs, 9 RBI and a weighted runs created (wRC+) of 204. His walk rate is down a little bit in the early going (10.3%, down from a career mark of 13.4%) and his strikeout rate is inflated a tad (25.6%, up from a career mark of 22.1%), but it's still very early and those numbers will likely stabilize over the course of the season.

April has traditionally been Trout's slowest month of the year, but that's like criticizing Usain Bolt for running his slowest 200 meter race. Trout has a career OPS of .920 and wRC+ of 157 in the season's opening month, but comparatively speaking, that's just a shade under his normal awesomeness.


For fantasy purposes, all you care about are the offensive numbers, and they are gaudy. But the man can flash the leather a bit, as well. Here he is protecting a 5-5 tie against the Rangers in the 10th inning earlier in the series.

Wanna see more? Of course you do.

Here was Trout's first home run of the season. It's likely not possible for a ball to leave the yard any faster than this one did.

Folks, there's no need to break this down too heavily. Mike Trout is awesome, and he's once again off to a red-hot start for an Angels team that has opened the season by winning six of their first nine games, surprisingly jumping to the top of the American League West.

Barring injury, Trout will again be the guy to beat in the AL MVP race. He's really great, and it's fun to highlight his insane abilities.