3 Daily Fantasy Baseball Hitters to Avoid on 9/5/16

Chris Carter has been crushing the ball over the last two games, but that likely won't continue tonight against Kyle Hendricks.

As is the case in most daily fantasy sports, finding information on players you might want to roster is a lot easier than finding players to avoid.

While you can get away with a zero from a hitter in daily fantasy, you certainly don't want to target guys whose matchups aren't enticing.

Here are three hitters you may want to lessen your exposure to or even fade altogether on Labor Day!

Chris Carter, 1B, Milwaukee Brewers

FanDuel Price: $3,500

Chris Carter has been on fire at the plate over the last two games, posting at least 34.9 FanDuel points in those two contests while hitting homers in each of them. He has six hits in his last 10 at-bats, but that may change tonight for the hard-hitting right-hander, as he faces off against Kyle Hendricks.

Hendricks has turned into a dominant pitcher in 2016. Righties own just a .238 wOBA against Hendricks this season with a strikeout rate of 23 percent. Their hard-hit rate is only 25.8 percent against the Cubs’ righty, and while Hendricks has been much better at home this season, Carter should still be avoided.

Carter’s recent games will likely increase his ownership some tonight, but against Hendricks, he is definitely a landmine. Even after his last two games, he still owns just a .326 wOBA against righties this season. His strikeout rate against them is 34 percent, so as long as Hendricks can avoid making a mistake pitch, it might be a night to jump off the Carter express.

Matt Kemp, OF, Atlanta Braves

FanDuel Price: $3,000

Labor Day brings about a ton of landmines to the all-day slate, and the entire Braves offense might be worth avoiding today with Max Scherzer on the hill for the Nationals. However, Matt Kemp seems to be the most vulnerable against the Nats’ ace.

Kemp has just a .300 wOBA and a 24.4 strikeout rate against right-handers this season. His isolated power also drops 100 points down to .193 against righties this season.

As we have touched on many times, Scherzer is virtually unhittable for righties this season. They have a .202 wOBA and a 37.9 strikeout rate against Scherzer this season. Scherzer is walking only 2.6 percent of the righties he has faced this year, while their hard-hit rate is only 27.1 percent.

Robinson Cano, 2B, Seattle Mariners

FanDuel Price: $3,300

Cano has been a huge landmine when up against left-handers this season. It seems like every time a lefty comes to Seattle, Cano is featured on this article. Today is no different, as Cole Hamels comes to town in yet another matchup to avoid Cano.

Cano has been blanked by Hamels this season already, and he now is in a much less hitter-friendly park in Safeco Field. Cano has also not hit southpaws well this season -- he has a .323 wOBA versus them in 222 at-bats. His isolated power drops to .171 against left-handers, while his hard-hit rate against them is 28.8 percent.

Hamels, on the other hand, has been great against left-handed hitters this season -- they have a .249 wOBA against him this season. While his strikeout rate against them is lower than against righties, Hamels has allowed only three homers to lefties this year, and they have a hard-hit rate of 29.5 percent.