MLB Daily Fantasy Helper: Thursday 8/1/13

Even with a poor matchup, we're still down to give the underrated Julio Teheran some love.

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StarStreet Optimized Roster

PlayerPositionProjected FPCostValue
Bud NorrisSP19.69$22,3000.88
Julio TeheranSP22.04$21,9001.01
Mike TroutCF15.39$8,1001.90
David OrtizDH14.53$7,0002.08
Michael CuddyerRF13.71$6,9001.99
Hanley RamirezSS14.94$6,6002.26
Paul Goldschmidt1B14.31$6,2002.31
Adrian Beltre3B13.07$5,7002.29
Buster PoseyC14.01$5,7002.46
Shane VictorinoRF13.25$5,3002.50
Marco Scutaro2B7.87$4,1001.92

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The Top Three Pitchers

Julio Teheran - Ever since his very-close-to-no-hit bid, Teheran hasn't been receiving much love from the general public. I'm here to change that. A low 5.0 percent walk rate, a lower-than-average 20 percent line drive rate, and a right on average strikeout and homerun rate? There really isn't any obvious way to attack Teheran, even though the Rockies and their league-leading 26 percent line drive rate can sure try. Even with a poorer matchup, Teheran's 0.59 projected wins and low cost make him very tough to top.

Yu Darvish - He's got the highest cost, so is he worth the price mark up? When you've got 7.17 projected strikeouts and no other starter tonight is even above six, I'd say that's a yes. Darvish's league-leading 32.4 percent strikeout rate faces an Arizona team that may not be among the highest strikeout rates (a below-average 18.8 percent) but does have the fifth-lowest homerun rate at 2.2 percent. That takes care of the Texas starter's main weakness, and he'll ride those K's and a .252 batting average on balls in play (BABIP) to 0.38 projected wins and only 0.28 projected losses tonight.

Zeke Spruill - Looking for an extremely low cost? Then Spruill gives you the high risk/high reward you've been looking for. As mentioned with Darvish, Spruill doesn't exactly have the winner's edge tonight; he only holds 0.30 projected wins and 0.35 projected losses. What he does hold, though, is a 26 percent strikeout rate and no homeruns allowed to 19 batters in four relief appearances before this. That's certainly not too much to go on, but if you want to take the pitcher in his first MLB start, you could reap solid dividends.

Top High-Priced Hitters

Mike Trout - Quick poll: who fell off quicker, Soulja Boy or Josh Johnson? It's a tough race, especially after you see Johnson's 4.1 percent homerun rate and 1.568 WHIP. The key ugly number right now, though, is that .344 BABIP allowed to opposing hitters. Think that Mike Trout, he of the .370 BABIP this season, .383 BABIP last season, and 11.6 percent extra-base hit rate, will be able to take advantage? Come on, you knew this answer going in.

Hanley Ramirez - Hey, not all former Marlins can be as sad and sorry for their new teams as Johnson. In fact, with career-highs in homerun rate (5.6 percent), line drive rate (32 percent, which would lead the majors if he qualified), and BABIP (.406, same), I'd venture to say that Hanley Ramirez is one of the best players in the majors. Unfortunately for you, his price tag agrees. But even that's worth it on a day with limited shortstop options and a young Chris Rusin on the mound who has allowed a 3.1 percent homerun rate, .305 BABIP, and 72 percent in-play rate in 10 career starts.

Mid-Range Cost-Effective Hitters

Adrian Beltre - No Miggy or Wright in today's late games? No problem! Beltre will give you almost equal production at a fraction of the cost. As mentioned above, Spruill only has 19 more batters faced in the majors than I have, so really, anything is up for grabs against him. Instead, we're left to speculate based on Beltre's raw stats... which is just fine by me with his high 5.1 percent homerun rate and .310 BABIP as well as his low 10.1 percent strikeout rate. His 0.24 projected HR, .314 projected average, 0.86 projected RBI, and 0.80 projected R all in the top three among third basemen tonight.

Shane Victorino - Oh, it hurts to go against the King (Felix). But Hernandez does have one main weakness: a 23 percent line drive rate and above-average .308 BABIP allowed. All you need to do is get past that 26.2 percent strikeout rate (easier said than done) to put a ball in play, and you'll have a better than average chance. That means it'll take a high BABIP, low strikeout guy to best King Felix... just like Victorino's .308 BABIP and 11.6 percent strikeout rate. Couple that with 0.29 projected stolen bases, and that package will work nicely for a middling cost. (Also, rain in the forecast, so beware and stuff.)