5 Important MLB DFS Takeaways From the Trade Deadline

With players shifting teams all across the league, there were big-time changes to the MLB DFS landscape at Monday's trade deadline. Which ones are most important?

Even the smallest changes can have a big impact on a player's value in daily fantasy baseball.

If a guy moves up to the two hole when he had previously been hitting eighth, he can go from being unusable to a screaming value. A road game at a more favorable park? That'll move the needle pretty heavily.

Those are tiny alterations that we see each and every day, but none of them can compare to the movement that happens at the trade deadline.

Suddenly, a hitter who was in a poor offense can acquire a fuller compliment of teammates and boost his value significantly. If a pitcher shifts to the National League -- where he will no longer face a designated hitter -- from the American League, his peripheral stats could be smelling like roses in no time.

We saw a whole boatload of these moves yesterday, and you can bet your bottom they made an impact.

We'll never be able to cover all of the changes to the DFS landscape for a trade deadline as active as yesterday's, but there are a few deals that stick out prominently. Let's cover those right now in looking at the five moves that had the biggest impact going forward for daily fantasy baseball.