4 MLB Teams Bound to Improve in the Second Half

The Cardinals sport one of baseball's best run differentials despite a modest record. What other teams can expect improvements in the second half?

A 90-game sample may seem like a lot, but in actuality, it leaves a bunch to be desired. A seven-game skid can take a quality team and make them look like also-rans, and the weight of win streaks is magnified beyond their true value.

Thankfully, we're not totally helpless in identifying where such inefficiencies may lie. We can utilize tools such as run differentials, Pythagorean Winning Percentages based on those run differentials, and numberFire's power rankings to find which teams are primed for a surge and which may come crashing back to Earth.

With Major League Baseball at its ceremonial half-way point, let's use those to our advantage to identify teams whose records may not indicate yet how truly good they are. Here are four teams bound to improve in the second half.