The 5 Hardest-Hit Home Runs So Far This Season

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CarGo's Pool Shot

The Bomb

The Components

Already at a 4-1 deficit, Arizona Diamondbacks starter Zack Greinke regrettably delivered an 89.3 mile-per-hour (mph) fastball to Carlos Gonzalez up and out over the zone. I say regrettably because, according to FanGraphs, in this same exact zone, Gonzalez has posted a .222 isolated power (ISO) on 18 pitches to him this season. And to go even further, on the three pitches he's faced on a 3-2 count in that same exact zone, CarGo has earned an ISO of 1.000.

So, it was the perfect pitch and the perfect swing. The result? The hardest home run hit this season.

With an exit velocity of 117.4 mph, Gonzalez's shot went 420 feet with a launch angle of just 14.2 degrees -- the lowest of any home run hit with an exit velocity of 115.0 mph or more, according to Statcast.

In summary, this baseball was sent packing in a never-come-back kinda fashion. Talk about punishment.