2015 Fantasy Baseball Outfield Rankings: A Tiered Structure

There is a definitive split between the top fantasy outfielders for 2015 and the rest. Here's how they stack up according to numberFire's algorithms.

At every position, you're going to find tiers when it comes to fantasy sports. You've got the top-notch studs, the acceptable underlings, and the guys who kind of make you want to bathe in holy water to cleanse yourself of their grotesque statistics. The outfield has all of those, and you can bet your tushy those tiers are well-defined.

As we saw earlier this winter, there isn't a whole lot of depth in the outfield. If you want to avoid having a dud kill your vibe, you'd best snatch these puppies up early. Knowing where the tiers begin and end can help you avoid getting left in the dust while hopefully simultaneously avoiding a major reach.

To help you side-step said reaches, it's best to consume these rankings while viewing numberFire's full projections so you can most readily see where one tier ends and another begins. That would also have the full list of outfielders, for those of you who are especially anxious to gawk at Delmon Young's top-notch on-base percentage projection.

Without further ado, let's get to the rankings, starting with that top tier of deliciousness.