10 MLB Starters Who Struggle in the First Inning

Starting an outing poorly can be tough to overcome. These 10 players are the worst in baseball when it comes to starting off on the right foot.

Starters have to bear the load of carrying their team through at least five innings of work every outing, and are often expected to go six or more innings depending on their slot in the rotation. Now managers rely more on relievers late in the game than in years past because it's become evident that fatigue sets in the more pitchers throw.

Some starters, however, have trouble earlier in the game, in particular the first inning. While is may seem odd given that starters are fresh in the early going, there are still some who aren’t prepped when the leadoff man steps in.

After reviewing the starters throughout the league, there is a bevy of National League starters who struggle in their first inning of work. Although there are American League starters who have the same issue, there aren't as many who have the problem.

Here’s a look at five starters from each league who’ve had problems with their first inning of work throughout the season.