Fantasy Baseball: 5 Pitchers to Stream in Week 1

Dodgers phenom Julio Urias looks to chew up a soft Giants offense in Week 1. What other widely available starters can help fantasy owners start the season strong?

The 2019 season is, in the most technical sense, already a week old, but with all due respect to the Oakland Athletics and Seattle Mariners, we all know that we're still waiting for the true Opening Day to kick off, with our fantasy box scores filling with crooked numbers and our waiver wires lighting up with promising adds.

That day is just about here, which invites us to begin another campaign of navigating the turbulent starting pitcher stream. Whether you're beginning the year minus an ace or two, or just looking to game your league settings and maximize your exposure to counting stats, these five widely available starters should be just the ticket to get your season off on the right foot.

One thing to note: as with 2018, the mid-week start to the 2019 season brings an extended first scoring period. What we consider Week 1 here will stretch across this current half week and the week following, with the second full week of the season (beginning Monday, April 8th) representing the official Week 2. Enough hairsplitting -- let's play ball!