Fantasy Baseball: 3 Early-Round Bust Candidates

These three players enjoyed fantastic seasons in 2018, but they come at a pretty high draft cost. Are they primed to disappoint in 2019?

Draft season is coming in hot for fantasy baseball season, and with pitchers and catchers having officially reported now is the time to dig into your research full bore.

Over the years, drafting in the first round has become more of an exercise in not losing a draft -- you can mine the draft for gold later, but early rounds are all about building a solid foundation for your teams.

Using the NFBC ADP data since February 1st, we can really hone in on some trends that are occurring and those folks that remain very early draft picks, and possibly some players we want to steer clear of. In the process, we'll use two projections -- The BAT and Steamer -- to best outline the risk associated with this trio of players.

Let's dig in.