10 Dynasty Fantasy Baseball Assets to Buy Before the Second Half

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Alex Bregman, 3B/SS, Houston Astros

People know Alex Bregman is good. He was in the Home Run Derby, homered in the All-Star Game, and got himself some new wheels on Tuesday.

They know he's good. But they may not know how good he actually is.

Bregman finished the first half with a 12.9% walk rate, 12.2% strikeout rate, 41.1% hard-hit rate, and 42.9% fly-ball rate. There are only two other players who have a strikeout rate below 15% with hard-hit and fly-ball rates above 40%. They were Jose Ramirez and Mookie Betts, the top two players in ESPN's player rater for the first half. Bregman was 25th, and he could finish much higher than that at the end of the year.

Bregman has eight more hard-hit fly balls than anybody else in the entire league, and he has added eight stolen bases. He's also part of one of the league's best offenses, compensating for his lackluster park. Bregman's just 24 years old, and with potentially better days ahead, it's time to buy high, even knowing that the cost will be substantial.