Daily Fantasy Baseball: Positive Batted-Ball Regression Candidates for Week 5

Logan Morrison's quality contact could finally turn into strong fantasy results as he squares off against a host of hittable righties this week. Which other hitters might be on the verge of catching fire for daily fantasy players in Week 5?

Recent batted-ball data can be very useful in MLB DFS, allowing us to notice the players who are seeing the ball well and hitting the ball with authority yet coming up short on results. Remember, your fantasy opponents may be paying attention to only counting stats like runs and RBIs or ratios like batting average and slugging percentage, which hardly tell the complete story of a hitter's performance. This is a major market inefficiency in daily fantasy, one that is easy to exploit with a look at the underlying stats.

In this article, we'll examine recent batted-ball data to highlight players whose surface results are lagging behind their actual skills metrics (per FanGraphs), potentially putting them right on the edge of a productive hot streak that could pay huge dividends for daily fantasy players who roster them at a relative discount.