Fantasy Baseball: 5 Starting Pitchers to Stream in Week 1

Hyun-jin Ryu will give the Chase Field humidor an early test run this week, which puts him in a good spot for fantasy baseball. Which other pitchers should we look to stream?

Winter is winding down, and baseball season is, at long last, back in full swing, and so too is the fantasy starting pitcher stream. Whether you're opening your fantasy season beset with starter injuries or just looking to game your league setting by maximizing exposure to counting stats, these five widely-available hurlers have the kind of plus matchups that should make for usable, low-cost fantasy production

It's worth noting that the mid-week start to the 2018 season leaves us with a rather unconventional first scoring period. What we consider Week 1 here will stretch across this current half week and the week following, with the second full week of the season (beginning Monday, April 9th) representing the official Week 2. But enough with the caveats -- let's play ball!