Dynasty Fantasy Baseball: 10 Players to Buy Before Opening Day

Joey Gallo has re-tooled his swing, which could lead to a huge 2018 season. Which other players should we be looking to buy in dynasty fantasy baseball before opening day?

Opening Day means a lot of things. First of all, it means we can stop wasting time during our weekdays "working." We can just plop on a game, enjoy the action, and half-heartedly open a meaningless tab when a boss walks by.

Second, it means all of the changes over the offseason will start to be realized. That may or may not be more important than the first point, but it will absolutely have an effect on the dynasty fantasy baseball value of certain players.

Whenever a player's situation changes over the offseason, we can make our best guesses at what their new value should be. But it's often hard to quantify those changes until we see them in action. This is logical because it's difficult to make assumptions around incomplete information, but it also leaves open a buying window before those changes go from hypotheticals to reality.

That window is about to close. Once we see these shifts at play on Opening Day, our leaguemates will be able to react, and values will fluctuate drastically. This means if we want to exploit any changes, we'd better get our hustle on.

Because the season gets underway later this week, let's take a look at some players whose value could change drastically early this season. Some have found new homes over the offseason, others are coming off of injuries, and it's possible we just haven't seen the full Gucciness of the rest on display. Whatever be the reasoning, we need to buy them now before their costs shoot up.

So, with that in mind, here are some players we should be trying to acquire before opening day. They'll be listed in order of their current ranking in FantasyPros' dynasty rankings from highest ranked to lowest.