Fantasy Baseball: 7 Mid-Round Starting Pitching Targets for 2018

You should consider adding these starting pitchers in the middle rounds of fantasy drafts this spring.

What's true in real life is also true in fantasy baseball -- you can never have enough starting pitching.

Everyone knows how important it is to target at least one ace pitcher. If you're going to be a contender, though, you really need two front-end starters for your season-long fantasy team, no matter the format. But once you get to the middle rounds of a 12-team draft, there are dozens of options for starters that all seem to be pretty similar.

The trick is to either find the pitchers who will bounce back from a subpar 2017 season, overcome injury, or surprise as first- or second-year players. Pitching varies crazily from year to year, and if you can nail some of your mid- to late-round picks in this area, you give yourself a great chance to make the fantasy postseason.

Here are seven starting pitchers to target in the middle rounds of your fantasy drafts this spring to help accomplish that. Average Draft Position (ADP) data is from the National Fantasy Baseball Championship.