4 Daily Fantasy Baseball Players to Avoid on 6/14/17

Francisco Liriano had lots of tournament appeal last year, but he isn't worth the risk in 2017. Who else should you avoid tonight in DFS?

Corey Kluber ($10,200) is looking like the best choice on the FanDuel main slate, but it does come against a tough Los Angeles Dodgers team whose active roster has a 107 wRC+ and 34.7% hard-hit rate against righties. The good news is they also strike out at a 23.4% clip.

Otherwise, your best bet is Michael Pineda ($8,700), who is much cheaper and coming off an excellent game against the Boston Red Sox. He's been slightly more consistent this year, and the peripherals are all there, but he still rarely brings you that dominant outing you hope for. That said, he benefits from a positive park shift on the road against the Los Angeles Angels.

Other than those two, it's hard to get too excited about anyone else.

With so little going at pitcher, it's no surprise then that there's an abundance of hitting spots to choose from. Keep on eye on the weather, because it's still hot and humid around the country, which, as we've seen this week, can often provide a huge boost.

Onto our daily trip around the league, with four guys you can fade this evening.