Fantasy Baseball: 6 Players Who Have Completely Erased Their Fast Starts

Jeremy Hellickson finished the month of April as one of baseball's best pitchers according to traditional stats, but regression has hit him hard since then. Who else is wishing it was April again?

Now that's it's June and both the NBA Finals and Stanley Cup Final are in the rearview mirror, baseball season is officially in full swing.

For the most part, this also means we can stop using the whole "small sample size" caveat when evaluating players. While some guys have been consistently good since Opening Day and others have been consistently bad, there is a group in the middle who have been riding a roller coaster with regard to their on-field performance.

Getting off to a good start in April doesn't mean the rest of the season will also be good, but there isn't a ballplayer on the planet who wouldn't accept a fast start with open arms. The following six players all enjoyed a terrific month of April, but things haven't been nearly as rosy since.

In the process, they've gone from being an asset on any fantasy baseball squad to being a frustrating liability, at least until they figure out a way to right the ship again.