Fantasy Baseball: 10 Surprises So Far in 2017

Not even two months into the 2017 MLB regular season, these 10 players have proved to be important pieces to fantasy baseball teams. Can they keep it up?

Hot or cold starts from big league ballplayers don't necessarily tell us how things will shake out for them the remainder of the year, but it can certainly make a difference for your season-long fantasy baseball squad.

We hear it plenty of times: fantasy championships aren't won in the first round, but they can certainly be lost. If that's the case, where can they be won?

In the latter part of the draft and the early-season waiver wire.

More likely than not, the following 10 players we're going to discuss were all readily available in your league at some point before people began catching wind of their respective hot starts.

It's easy to look at early-season leaderboards and just rattle off names like Ryan Zimmerman, Eric Thames, Ervin Santana and Jason Vargas (among others) as the biggest surprises since they're at the top of the heap. But we're not going to do that because it's boring. They've been purposely left off here in order to focus on other players who have gotten off to surprising starts this season, while gauging exactly how sustainable it is.