3 Daily Fantasy Baseball Players to Avoid on 4/12/17

There aren't any aces on the mound today, but you should still pass on Zack Wheeler. Who else should you avoid?

Holy Cespedes!

Last night, Yoenis Cespedes blew up the Philadelphia Phillies with three dingers, good for 69.1 FanDuel points. He wasn't the only one with a huge night as a perfect FanDuel lineup would've put up 415.3 points on Tuesday.

What you'll notice about that lineup, though, is there isn't a single player from Coors Field. Yes, once again the Padres-Rockies game didn't go off, even more baffling this time since the immortal Jered Weaver was involved.

Perhaps it's a relief then that we won't have to deal with Coors on the main slate this evening and can go about lineup construction more "normally."

Without further ado, which players should you avoid tonight?