3 Daily Fantasy Baseball Players to Avoid on 4/5/17

Cole Hamels has been one of the most consistent pitchers in the game for years. But does he make the cut on a 12-game slate?

Yesterday I suggested fading Jake Arrieta and Ryan Braun. And what did they do? Arrieta put up a ho-hum 46 FanDuel points, and Braun hit a home run and reached 24.9 points. Great going there, Kenyatta.

But this is the nature of daily fantasy baseball and its high variance. Even seeing the results now, I would still say Arrieta was overpriced, and Braun was unlikely to hit a home run. It didn't work out, but that's why they say having a good process is more important than short-term results.

Anyway, let's see if we can do better today! Wednesday marks the first full slate of the season, with 12 games on tap in the main FanDuel offering.

Who should you consider giving the ol' fade?