Fantasy Baseball: Potential Bust Candidates at Each Position

With the regular season approaching, which players could potentially fail to live up to preseason fantasy baseball expectations?

While there are varying fantasy baseball strategies to use on draft day, every team owner can agree on one thing: they want to avoid as many bust candidates as possible.

Calling someone a "bust" doesn't mean that particular player is going to have a terrible season -- it just means they're not going to perform to a high enough level to justify where they actually get selected.

A perfect example is Bryce Harper from last year. After posting an impressive 197 wRC+ with an eye-popping 1.109 OPS and 42 home runs, it was a shock if he fell below the top three picks in drafts prior to the 2016 season. He didn't end up having the kind of season anyone would've hoped for, but he was still useful by posting a 112 wRC+, .814 OPS and 24 homers (along with 21 steals).

So when we try and identify bust candidates here, they could very well have good 2017 campaigns -- just not the ones we're hoping for based on recent performance and current average draft position (ADP) from the National Fantasy Baseball Championship (NFBC).

Let's take a look at a potential bust at each position.