Fantasy Baseball: 5 Low-Cost Hitters Who Are Plate-Appearance Assets in Rotisserie Formats

These five players won't get you many high fives at the draft table, but their projected plate-appearance volume should make them strong assets in rotisserie formats.

We like to treat rotisserie as a deliciously complex format requiring incredible stamina and strategic savvy.

Yet some of the principals of the roto game could not be more straight forward. For instance, the teams with the best chance at winning a given roto league are those who amass the highest number of innings pitched and plate appearances logged.

It’s not exactly rocket science, yet it's something that often gets lost during the mayhem of draft season, when players with high upside but questionable playing time and uncertain roles get elevated over players with lower ceilings but far more stable day-to-day production.

Here are five such low-cost hitters whose projected opportunity to log 600-plus plate appearances should make them strong fantasy assets, particularly over the long haul of the roto season.