Fantasy Baseball: 7 Late-Round Hitters With Stolen-Base Upside

With stolen bases on the decline in Major League Baseball, which players can we target late in fantasy baseball drafts who are able to boost that category?

If you're in the trade of buying power, business is boomin', baby. There were more home runs in 2016 than there were in any year since 2000, and drafts are now brimming with late-round pop.

But steals? Not so much.

There have been fewer than 2,600 total stolen bases each of the past two years, the low-water mark for the league since the 2005 season. This creates the perception that if you want speed, you're going to have to pay to get it.

While that's true for some guys (bless your souls, Trea Turner and Jonathan Villar), it's not a universal fact. There are still players going late in drafts who can jack up your steals total without costing you a bundle. And if you can identify those guys, you can excel in steals without sacrificing the immense value that home runs carry.

As such, let's try to identify who a couple of these guys might be. We'll be looking exclusively at players who are going 175th or later in the National Fantasy Baseball Championship (NFBC) average draft positions (ADP). When pairing this with numberFire's newly-released season-long projections, we can find the players who will help us skirt this new-found stolen-base scarcity.

In total, there are seven players going 175th or later in NFBC ADP who are projected to swipe at least 20 bags this year. Let's go through them, starting in order with the highest-priced of the bunch.