Fantasy Baseball: 5 Late-Round Hitters With Power Upside

Late in a fantasy baseball draft, it's more acceptable to take some risks. Which players available then come with the ability to rack up home runs?

When it's late in your fantasy baseball draft, you're not looking for safety. The core of your roster has been filled out, and they've got you covered there.

Nah, fam. It's time to live a little, take some risks, and find yourself some pop.

As we discussed last week, you shouldn't forgo power in fantasy drafts just because there were a bunch of dingers in 2016. You want long balls early and often due to the multitude of categories in which a home run provides a boost.

Even if we take power hitters early, though, it doesn't mean we'll be in a position to pass on them later. Sometimes, the draft doesn't break the right way, and you still need to bolster your numbers in the categories driven by dongs. That's where these guys come into play.

Today, we're going to take a look at five players going late in drafts who can lend you a hand in your pursuit of pop. We'll be looking only at players being taken 200th or later, according to average draft positions (ADP) for the National Fantasy Baseball Championship. That would make their ADP for a 12-team league hovering around the 17th round or later.

Where can you turn when you need some oomph at the end of a draft? Let's check it out.