Fantasy Baseball: 5 MLB Prospects Who Could Break Out in 2017

Fantasy baseball owners are constantly looking for the next big thing, and these five prospects could become quality fantasy assets this season.

The early rounds of fantasy baseball drafts are exciting because there's an opportunity to pick a well known player who can act as an anchor for your squad. While these studs normally get the most attention on draft day, it's uncovering potential value in lesser known (or unknown) commodities later on which can give a fantasy team the necessary depth to go the distance and win a title.

Opportunities such as this exist in all fantasy sports, and baseball is no different. With an infusion of young talent over the past couple seasons, MLB's future is bright. And judging from the next class of prospects itching to make an impact, the lights won't be dimming anytime soon.

Young players such as Noah Syndergaard, Corey Seager, Carlos Correa and Gary Sanchez have burst onto the scene to immediately become fantasy baseball studs. Which current prospects could be next in line?

The following five players all have the potential to be a crucial part of fantasy teams this year despite their lack of experience in the big leagues.