4 Veteran Middle Infielders Worth Targeting in Fantasy Baseball

Asdrubal Cabrera had a productive first season with the New York Mets, and he offers nice value late in drafts. Which other veterans middle infielders are worth checking out at the tail end of your draft?

The age of a player can rightfully dictate a lot about the outlook we give on their expected production for the upcoming season.

Youth is exciting, but chasing after the potential breakout season is a risky endeavor. There's risk in staring at the ceiling while overlooking the floor.

Everyone's tolerance for taking on risk at the draft table will vary. However, we can all agree that trying to isolate value players throughout a season-long draft is a continual exercise. The age of players is one such ticket to finding some of those possible values in all spots along the draft board.

We started our review of value vets by looking at a trio of veteran pitchers who are worth targeting in your draft, and we followed with a shift to veteran offensive players, beginning with notable veteran bats playing on the corners.

Now, we'll stay on the infield, but we'll move to the center of the diamond to look at three veteran middle infielders worth targeting in 2017 drafts.