NHL Playoffs: Which Team Will Be Lifting the Stanley Cup This Year?

With the playoffs now set, which teams have the best odds to win this year's Stanley Cup Final?

Even if you're not the biggest hockey fan in the world, the NHL playoffs are worth a watch. And this year, we've got an interesting group of teams fighting to lift Lord Stanley's Cup.

The Washington Capitals looked like the best team in hockey throughout the regular season, and they are, by no surprise, our favorite to win it all. 

But is any other team close?

Without further ado, here's a look at how our algorithm thinks the Stanley Cup playoffs will go. 

Team1st RoundConf SemisConf FinalsStanley Cup
Washington Capitals73.01%43.65%27.51%17.51%
Pittsburgh Penguins54.45%26.72%15.19%8.63%
Dallas Stars58.21%30.36%16.61%8.00%
Tampa Bay Lightning66.78%34.02%15.13%7.67%
Chicago Blackhawks50.03%26.17%14.25%7.10%
Florida Panthers53.18%30.10%13.87%6.98%
St. Louis Blues49.97%24.49%13.36%6.32%
Los Angeles Kings52.66%26.96%13.22%6.20%
Anaheim Ducks51.98%26.98%12.78%5.69%
San Jose Sharks47.34%23.50%10.72%5.12%
New York Rangers45.55%20.54%10.70%5.07%
New York Islanders46.82%23.41%10.22%4.96%
Nashville Predators48.02%22.56%10.13%4.57%
Minnesota Wild41.79%18.98%8.93%3.38%
Detroit Red Wings33.22%12.47%3.81%1.45%
Philadelphia Flyers26.99%9.09%3.57%1.35%