Fantasy Results

Statistic numberFire Yahoo! CBS Notes
Average Delta 4.38 4.55 4.53

Delta refers to the difference between a projection and the actual performance. If we projected 10.00 and the player scored 8.50, the delta is 1.50.

Accuracy refers to one service's projection being more accurate than another. When we say that we were 61% more accurate than ESPN, it means that our projections were more accurate than theirs 61% of the time.

Delta QB 5.95 5.72 5.39
Delta RB 4.51 4.84 4.66
Delta WR 4.14 4.24 4.33
Delta TE 3.60 3.71 3.95
numberFire Accuracy vs. 55% 54%

Handicapping Results

For the most up to date handicapping results, please see the "Results" section of our premium packages.

March Madness Results

In our first year of predicting the bracket, our official numberFire bracket correctly picked the winner (Kentucky) and finished in the top 99% of all brackets nationwide.