Daily Fantasy Golf Weather Report for the Wells Fargo Championship

Wind and rain are on the radar for the tournament at Eagle Point. What does that mean for DFS?

Usually, the impact of weather on sports is minimal, but when it comes to an outdoor sport like golf, wind, rain, heat, humidity, barometric pressure, and more can all affect player performance.

Friday could be a miserable day for golfers if they can even play, given the likelihood of precipitation.

Let's break down the forecast for the weekend.

The Forecast

According to Dark Sky, the tournament should start fine, but the Friday storms could cause a delay and a Monday finish.


The first tee times are at 6:50 a.m., so the tournament should get underway just fine. The temperature will be in the upper 60s in the morning and climb steadily to 80 before tailing off later in the day.

Winds will pick up even after starting around 10 miles per hour for the early golfers and max out around 18 or 20 miles per hour -- common for a coastal course like this one.


The odds of precipitation for Friday are above 50% until 2:00 p.m, and they sit above 75% for most of the morning. Expect a delay and heavy winds -- gusts around 40 miles per hour -- if any golfers do participate.


Saturday should be relatively cool, ranging from 62 to 72, with clear skies in the afternoon. Winds will be strong: north of 15 miles per hour during playing hours.


Sunday will also be clear and cool, peaking at 72 degrees. Winds will be down a smidgeon, closer to 10 miles per hour, and precipitation is still off the radar. Monday's is pretty much identical to Sunday's: 70, no rain, and modest winds.


If the golfers are forced to play Friday even through the rainy conditions, you could consider avoiding golfers with early tee times for Round 2, but figuring out who will be impacted is impossible.

The Augusta-like course should favor smart golfers who can place the ball where they need to, making good drive percentage something to factor heavily.

But bumping up a seasoned vet like Phil Mickelson in this weak field could pan out this week, but trust your research and your instincts regarding this gross weather.