Daily Fantasy Golf Weather Report for The Heritage

The Heritage offers a weak field and a tough course. Will weather cause even more issues?

Usually, the impact of weather on sports is minimal, but when it comes to an outdoor sport like golf, wind, rain, heat, humidity, barometric pressure, and more can all affect player performance.

The Heritage is historically a tough course, with blind spots and small greens. Thankfully, weather shouldn't cause extra problems this week. What all do you need to know?

Let's break it down.

The Forecast

According to Dark Sky, temperatures will range neatly from 62 to 80 each of the first three days before heating up a little more Sunday. Rain is practically off the radar entirely, and we're looking to have a mostly clear tournament.


For the first tee times -- 7:10 a.m. -- golfers will be faced with temperatures in the mid 60s and practically no wind (and likely no gusts, either). Winds will stay below eight miles per hour on the day.

Friday and Saturday

Friday and Saturday are the same story, but winds will be a little stronger -- around 10 miles per hour much of the day on Friday. There's nothing to overthink here.


No rain, clear for most of the day -- nice weather. Clouds will come in for the closing golfers, and winds will pick up later, too, maxing out around 11 miles per hour.


This is some nice weather. There will be some winds, as it's a coastal tournament, but gusts shouldn't impact things like we saw last week with the Masters. Trust your research and don't worry about the weather when building your FanDuel lineups.