League of Legends Daily Fantasy Helper: LPL/LCK, 7/16/20

FanDuel is offering League of Legends daily fantasy, and look, if you don't know what that is, it's okay.

I have you covered with a detailed but straightforward primer to get you all set up, whether you're a DFS player looking to dig into the new sport or a League of Legends fan ready to take your action over to FanDuel.

Let's break down the LPL/LCK slate for Thursday, July 16th, to see who stands out. (Just a heads up, the slate locks at 4:00 a.m. EST.) Here are the starting lineups for the LPL. Generally, the LCK doesn't release starting lineups prior to the games.

Team Match
Average Towers
Per Game
Average Dragons
Per Game
Invictus Gaming 7-3 15-11 6.4 2.58
LNG Esports 2-8 6-17 4.0 2.04
Suning 7-3 15-10 7.2 2.60
Royal Never Give Up 5-4 12-10 6.0 2.27

Invictus Gaming are the largest favorites on this slate and should make an obvious option for stacking. The other matchup is a near coin-flip, with no clear favorite.

Average Towers
Per Game
Average Dragons
Per Game
KT Rolster3-57-114.42.11
SANDBOX Gaming3-57-114.42.17
SeolHaeOne Prince1-73-153.11.50

T1 is the easiest team to trust from the LCK on this slate, while the SANDBOX versus SeolHaeOne matchup features two of the worst teams in the league.

Star - 1.5x Points

SofM, Suning ($8,300) comes into this series with 48 or more FanDuel points in 8 of his 10 series -- with a high of 87 points in his most recent outing. Suning (7-3) are looking good to start the LPL Summer Split, so it shouldn't come as a surprise SofM has strong fantasy points in most of those series. Since they are up against RNG (5-4) and there is no clear favorite, we could be looking at a full three-game series -- granting plenty of fantasy points for SofM.

SofM is holding a 74% Kill Participation (KP) Rate right now, which is the fifth-highest among full-time junglers in the LPL. He is showing that off with 15 assists or more in 8 of his 10 series, leading him to average 7.08 assists per game -- the third-highest among junglers.


Bin, Suning ($8,300) has looked awesome to start the Summer Split, and you don't want to pass on this level of consistency. In his 10 series during this split, he has posted 63 FanDuel points or more in seven of them -- but hasn't been higher than 76 points. He has a very tight range of outcomes, but that shouldn't be viewed as a negative.

The top lane isn't a glamorous position, you are left on an island -- metaphorically speaking -- and have to get ahead with very little support from your teammates. Bin is finding ways to overcome that, posting a 2.95 Kill/Death/Assist (KDA), which is the eighth-highest in the LPL among top laners.


Ning, Invictus Gaming ($8,600) is a fantastic option in the jungle for this slate -- it only comes down to your ability to afford his high salary. He is the most expensive jungler on the slate, but he comes in with nine kills or more in three of his last four series -- something no other jungler can say.

With Invictus Gaming being the largest favorites on the slate, the sweep bonus is fully on the table against LNG Esports -- which will not only help him reach value but allow him to reach for a higher ceiling on top of all his kills.


FATE, SANDBOX Gaming ($8,500) has taken over the starting job in the Mid Lane for SANDBOX Gaming, and since the change, they have gone 3-1. This has led to FATE scoring 71 FanDuel points or more in three of these past four series. He doesn't have the largest sample size, so take this with a grain of salt, but FATE holds the third-highest (6.08) KDA among Mid Laners in the LCK.

SANDBOX Gaming (3-5) aren't the best team in the league, and they are taking on an even worse team in SeolHaeOne (1-7), meaning we could be in for a sloppy series, but also comes with plenty of fantasy points.


Teddy, T1 ($9,900) is the best ADC in the LCK and worth rostering in as many spots as you can afford him. Teddy is holding a 7.75 KDA, the highest in the league, and the player in second is down at 6.00. He is averaging the most Creep Score (CS) per game (375), the second-most kills per game (4.75), and the fewest deaths per game (1.2).

The combination of floor and ceiling Teddy brings to your rosters, combined with the fact T1 are massive favorites and could pull off the sweep, makes him well worth the salary.


Ming, Royal Never Give Up ($7,400) is one of the cheaper options at support on this slate, which will help you fit some of the studs into your lineups. RNG are facing off against Suning, with no clear favorite and a series that could easily go to three games. Also, it's not as if Ming is a punt play -- he comes in with the sixth-highest KDA (3.25) among supports in the LPL Summer Split.


Suning ($7,600) have a very reasonable salary on this slate and should be a decently popular choice for that reason. They come in with 40 FanDuel points or more in six-straight series, two sweeps in that time, and 22 towers or more in three of their past four series.