League of Legends Daily Fantasy Helper: LCS, 6/26/20

The LCS Summer Split is here, and we have a two-match slate. Who are the teams to stack?

FanDuel is offering League of Legends daily fantasy, and look, if you don't know what that is, it's okay.

I have you covered with a detailed but straightforward primer to get you all set up, whether you're a DFS player looking to dig into the new sport, or a League of Legends fan ready to take your action over to FanDuel.

The LCS Summer Split is officially here, and the official schedule is here, which will show you each week they will have two games on Fridays, four on Saturdays, and four on Sundays. All matches are a single game, not a best-of-three series. This slate locks on Friday, June 26th at 9 p.m. EST.

Team Match Record Towers Per Game Dragons Per Game
Cloud9 4-0 10.5 4
FlyQuest 3-1 8 2.75
Team Liquid 3-1 7.5 2.25
EG 3-1 8.3 1.75
CLG 3-1 6.8 2
TSM 2-2 6.3 2.25
Golden Guardians 1-3 5.5 3.25
100T 1-3 4.5 2.5
Dignitas 0-4 3.5 1.75
Immortals 0-4 2.5 1.25

Week 3 of the LCS is here, and we have a two-game slate to kick things off. It should be an awesome slate, since we have all four teams in the top half of the standings, including the juggernaut that is Cloud9.

MVP - 1.5x Points

Stixxay, Counter Logic Gaming ($9,500) started the Summer Split with a dud, posting only 3.28 FanDuel points, but turned that around and has posted 28 FanDuel points or more in each of his last three games. That dud came from the fact that CLG didn't pick up a single kill as a team in their first game.

Since then, Stixxay has picked up 17 kills, 16 assists, with only 5 deaths in the last three games. He offers a high floor, along with a high ceiling, which will be amplified with him in the MVP spot.


Ruin, Counter Logic Gaming ($8,500) is the third-cheapest top laner on the slate and could be the best overall play. Let's break this down very simply. The top lane is a lower-scoring position and offers very little upside. Licorice ($8,800) is the most expensive option and has 20 FanDuel points or more in all four of his games. Solo ($8,700) is next and has 23 FanDuel points or more in three of his four games. Then we have Ruin, who has 21 FanDuel points or more in three of his four games.

All three of these players are very close in terms of production, so why not take the cheapest option with Ruin? Licorice has the best chance of winning, but he is the most expensive. Ruin and Solo are going head-to-head, so take that into consideration.


Santorin, FlyQuest ($8,900) is the same price as Blaber ($8,900), which should make the former less popular. Much like the options in the top lane, we have a very tight grouping of production among the top three options. Blaber has posted 27 FanDuel points or more in all four games and has the best chance to win. Wiggily ($8,600) has posted 22 FanDuel points or more in three of his four games. Finally, Santorin has 28 FanDuel points or more in three of his last four, along with 56 FanDuel points -- a single-game high among these three players.


PowerOfEvil, FlyQuest ($9,000) has a higher ceiling than Nisqy ($9,100). This might be a bit of a hot take or could be something from simply watching the LCS for several years, so bear with me. PowerOfEvil (POE) is a bigger 'carry' on FlyQuest compared to Nisqy on Cloud9. To give a simple overview of this, you could rank all players on Cloud9 with a grade of an "A," while POE is consistently the only "A" level player on FlyQuest.

Generally, they look to feed POE with kills, so he can carry the game for them. On Cloud9, all of their players are great, so it could be any player on any given day. This is a long-winded way of saying POE is the option to trust in the mid lane on this slate -- but wait, there's more. This 'carry potential' is shown by the fact POE has 22 kills through four games, while Nisqy only has 10 kills through four games.


Zven, Cloud9 ($10,300) will always be one of the highest upside players in the LCS and very worthy of his high salary. He showed that off in his most recent games, posting 7 kills, 9 assists, and only 2 deaths -- for a total of 43 FanDuel points. Cloud9 have picked up right where they left off in the Spring Split and are off to a 4-0 start.

Starting a Cloud9 stack with Zven is always a great idea and since they are big favorites against Team Liquid, you are looking at what could be a very popular option.


Vulcan, Cloud9 ($7,900) is making a case to be the best player in the world right now. OK, that might be a stretch since he is a support player, but take a look at this.

Vulcan holds the highest Kill/Death/Assist Ratio (KDA) of any player in the world right now. Of course, a small sample size but he is getting it done with 18 FanDuel points or more in each of his four games. It might not seem massive, but he is a support player and limits his downside with only a single death through four games.


FlyQuest ($7,700) come in averaging the second-most towers per game (8.0), along with the third-most average dragons per game (2.75) and find themselves in a winnable matchup versus CLG. With only two games on the slate, every bit of your salary is valuable, so if you can't afford Cloud9 $7,800), FlyQuest makes a great alternative.