Call of Duty Daily Fantasy Helper: Week 10 Paris, 6/20/20

FanDuel is now offering Call of Duty League DFS, and we have another set of matches for Saturday. If you are new to Call of Duty DFS, I put together a quick introduction piece to give you the basics. The rosters are similar to CS:GO DFS, and we'll take a look at a few different things to break down some players in good situations.

Quick note, this locks at 1 p.m. on Saturday, June 20th, instead of the normal 4 p.m. lock time.

MVP - 1.5x Points

Havok, Florida Mutineers ($8,800) is looking to continue his success from last week, where he posted solid numbers in each series. Havok ended the Minnesota Home Series with 26.63 kills per 10 minutes (Kp10M) across eight Hardpoint maps, along with an average of 22.25 kills per game, 4.00 Domination Captures per game, and an average of 7.00 kills per Search and Destroy game. Reminder, players will receive 1 FanDuel point for Search And Destroy Kill Bonus (SDK). This is a big boost for players, as that was a very low-scoring game mode.

Huke, Dallas Empire ($9,800) has always been considered one of the best slayers in Call of Duty, and that upside is what you want in the MVP spot. Last week, he posted 28.95 kills per 10 minutes (Kp10M) on the seven Hardpoint maps he played, with a high of 37 kills. Add on an average of 21.00 kills per Domination map, and we see why he has posted 95 FanDuel points or more in three-straight series and five of his last six. A clear option for the MVP spot and can easily hit over 100 FanDuel points again.


Attach, New York Subliners ($8,800) lasted played a few weeks ago at Seattle and had a bit of an up and down event, as New York got knocked out in the Semi-Finals. Posting 23.36 kills per 10 minutes (Kp10M) in Hardpoint isn't amazing, but he added an average of 58 seconds of Hardpoint Capture Time per game. That will boost his floor of points on a per-game basis, which is what we see in Domination as well.

An average of 21.25 kills per Domination map is average, but yet again, add in an average of 4.50 Captures per-game and you get solid per map production.

Dylan, London Royal Ravens ($9,600) is somewhat of a diamond in the rough for London, and his salary doesn't reflect his production. At the Seattle Home Series, Dylan racked up 29.37 kills per 10 minutes (Kp10M) in Hardpoint -- the third-highest in this tournament. His average kills per Domination map were only 21.00 but was able to boost that with an average of 6.25 Captures per game.

Louqa, Paris Legion ($8,600) last played at the Seattle Home Series, and while Paris got knocked out after only two series, he played amazingly well. It's not often we see a player on the losing team with strong production, but Louqa has been the exception in each of his last four series -- all of which have been losses. Louqa has posted 82 FanDuel points or more in each series, with his two most recent being 120 FanDuel points or more. Given his salary, his point per dollar production is hard to match on this slate.


OpTic Gaming Los Angeles ($5,300) come in as the second-cheapest team and have a good chance of winning against the Toronto Ultra. If you are trying to spend for multiple top-tier options, you'll need the salary relief, and that is something OpTic brings to the table. They have won five of their last nine series and should be able to handle the last place Ultra.