League of Legends Daily Fantasy Helper: LPL/LCK, 6/19/20

The LCK Summer Split is here to join the LPL, and we have a four-match slate on Thursday. Who are the teams to stack?

FanDuel is offering League of Legends daily fantasy, and look, if you don't know what that is, it's okay.

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The LCK Summer Split is officially here, and we have League of Legends DFS action! The LPL was already underway, and now we add the LCK to the fold, giving us more teams to choose from. Let's break down the LPL/LCK slate for Friday, June 19th, and see who stands out. (Just a heads up, the slate locks at 4:00 a.m. EST).

Here are the starting lineups for the LPL. Generally, the LCK doesn't release starting lineups prior to the games.

Star - 1.5x Points

Ruler, Gen.G Esports ($9,400) has the sixth-highest salary among ADCs on this four-game slate, and that is too cheap. Gen.G will open the Summer Split versus DragonX, giving us an awesome matchup. These two teams finished in second and third place during the Spring Split and should be right back there for the Summer.

Ruler ended the Spring Split with the second-highest Kill/Death/Assist Ratio (KDA) (7.00) among ADCs in the LCK, averaged the fourth-most kills per game (3.89), third-most assists per game (4.39), and the fewest average deaths per game (1.18). He is an unbelievably good ADC from (arguably) the best region in the world and he's too cheap on this slate.


Khan, FunPlus Phoenix ($8,600) is a 'set it and forget it' top laner -- don't worry, I'll explain. Slate in and slate out you can count on Khan to post fantasy points from the top lane -- a position which doesn't have much upside. You can lock him into your lineups and simply move on.

Through his first five maps of the LPL Summer Split, he has posted 19 kills, 20 assists, and 13 deaths. 10 of those 13 deaths came during three of his maps, so take things with a grain of salt. Consistency is the name of Khan's game and you shouldn't pass on him.


Pyosik, DragonX ($8,600) is looking to be a strong overall option at jungle on this slate, since we could be seeing a full three games versus Gen.G Esports. Pyosik ended the Spring Split with the second-highest KDA (5.65) among junglers in the LCK, second-most average assists per game (6.93), third-fewest average deaths per game (1.83), and most average kills per game (2.61).

Given the fact that you can find his salary sitting as the fifth-highest, he is an easy answer at a very variable position.


Maple, LNG Esports ($8,200) comes in as a slight underdog in this series, but he has been playing well to start the Summer Split. Maple has won his last two series and in those five maps he has posted 22 kills, 49 assists, and 10 deaths. Those are...some serious numbers and not what you would expect for a player this cheap.

The possibility of a full three games is somewhat strong versus eStar and this could be a spot to look for some stacks.


Wink, eStar Gaming ($9,800) is on the other side of Maple in this series and comes in with 91 FanDuel points or more in each of his last two series. One of those series was a loss, so it's a bit surprising to see his production so high on the losing team. That should only speak to the level of consistency he brings to each slate.

In the Spring Split, Wink averaged the fifth-most kills per game (4.76), the most average assists per game (7.26), and held the fourth-highest KDA (6.11) among ADCs in the LPL.


Keria, DragonX ($7,600) is yet another option from this DragonX versus Gen.G series which should have plenty of fantasy value. We don't look to a support player for kills, rather, we look for plenty of assists and a high Kill Participation (KP) Percentage. Keria had the third-highest KP (74.6%) in the LCK Spring Split among supports, averaged the most assists per game (9.13), and held the second-highest KDA (4.76).


Gen.G Esports ($7,400) are on the cheaper side of things and in a winnable matchup. Yes, it has been noted that playing DragonX -- a strong team -- is a coin-flip type matchup but that could present them being rostered by fewer players. That would open up the possibility for some leverage, which is great in tournaments.