Call of Duty Daily Fantasy Helper: Week 9 Minnesota, 6/13/20

FanDuel is now offering Call of Duty League DFS, and we have another set of matches for Saturday. If you are new to Call of Duty DFS, I put together a quick introduction piece to give you the basics. The rosters are similar to CS:GO DFS, and we'll take a look at a few different things to break down some players in good situations.

Round 2 of the Minnesota Home Series is here, and we have another four matchups to take a look at. As always, we want series which will be on the longer side -- as that is how players will be able to maximize their fantasy points. All series are a best-of-five, with Maps 2 and 5, being the ones where the fewest fantasy points are gained.

MVP Considerations

Envoy, Chicago Huntsmen ($9,700) has been one of the most consistent players -- not only for Chicago but in the Call of Duty League overall. At the Seattle Home Series, Envoy and Chicago played a total of seven hardpoint maps, where we saw him average 26.29 kills per map with a Kill-to-Death Ratio (K/D) of 1.05. On the four domination maps he played, Envoy averaged 20.75 kills per map and held a subpar 0.95 K/D.

Cellium, Atlanta FaZe ($9,600) didn't play at the Seattle Home Series, so we have to look back to the Florida Home Series -- an event they won. They played a total of 17 maps that event, five of which were Search and Destroy -- a game mode where fantasy points are hard to come by -- four were domination, and the remaining eight maps were hardpoint.

On the hardpoint maps, he averaged 27.86 kills per game with a strong 1.15 K/D ratio. For the domination maps, he averaged only 20.25 kills per map but was able to manage six captures or more in three-straight series.


Octane, Seattle Surge ($9,000) is the best player on one of the worst teams but has a reasonable price tag for this slate. At the Seattle Home Series a few weeks ago, Octane and his team got knocked out early and played just eight total maps. Two of those maps were Search and Destroy, leaving us with a limited sample size to draw from. So, we'll look back to the Chicago Home Series, where he played a total of 15 maps, only four of which were Search and Destroy.

At the Chicago Home Series, Octane posted an average of 29.0 kills per hardpoint map and a 1.28 K/D ratio. As for domination, in that split he had an average of 24 kills per map -- with an even better 1.46 K/D ratio. At his salary, he is one of the better point-per-dollar plays on the slate.

Bance, Toronto Ultra ($7,200) got knocked out in the semifinals of the Florida Home Series a few weeks ago and are a team worth keeping an eye on. Bance played six hardpoint maps at that event and averaged only 24 kills per map, but he had at least 80 seconds of capture time in each series. His average kills per map for domination was even lower at 18.67, but he added in eight or more captures in two of the three series. It's not the highest upside from kills, but he does plenty of objective work to fill up the stat sheet.

Huke, Dallas Empire ($9,400) played eight hardpoint maps at the Chicago Home Series and posted an average of 30.29 kills per map with a 1.19 K/D ratio. For his four domination maps he played during that event, Huke averaged 19.50 kills per map with a modest 1.03 K/D ratio.


Minnesota RØKKR ($5,400) are one of the cheapest options in the team spot and should be able to pick up the win against the Seattle Surge. You can look to stack some of the players for Minnesota for a bit of correlation, or you can use them as a punt option and jam in as many studs as you can afford.