League of Legends Daily Fantasy Helper: Mid-Season Cup, 5/29/20

FanDuel is offering League of Legends daily fantasy, and look, if you don't know what that is, it's okay.

I have you covered with a detailed but straightforward primer to get you all set up, whether you're a DFS player looking to dig into the new sport, or a League of Legends fan ready to take your action over to FanDuel.

Mid-Season Cup

Normally, we be getting set for the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) at this point in the season and would be ready to watch all of the regions compete in top-tier League of Legends. With no teams traveling right now, we have The Mid-Season Cup, and it will feature the top four teams from Korea (LCK) and China (LPL) -- arguably the two best regions in the world. This will take place online and will be a round-robin format, with each team playing three games on each slate.

Let's take a look at the six matchups on the slate and the win probabilities for each team.

SeriesImplied Win ProbabilityImplied Win Probability
JD Gaming vs Gen.G60.6%47.6%
Dragon X vs Invictus Gaming48.8%58.8%
Dragon X vs Gen.G48.8%58.8%
JD Gaming vs Invictus Gaming62.5%45.5%
Invictus Gaming vs Gen.G51.5%57.3%
DragonX vs JD Gaming43.5%64.5%

For this slate, we see JD Gaming coming in as a favorite in all three of their games -- which shouldn't be a surprise. They won the LPL Spring Split, and they are amazing. Gen.G are the favorites in two of their three games. Invictus Gaming are the favorites in only one of their games and are in a coin-flip game against Gen.G. Finally, we have DragonX as the underdog in all three of their games -- but it's only by a very slim margin.

JD Gaming are the "best" team in this group, but the following three teams are all very close. This should put us in a spot where all teams are viable in fantasy, presenting plenty of different choices for stacking and roster construction.

JD Gaming

LokeN ($10,000) is the most expensive player on the slate and one of the best floor/ceiling options on the slate. He finished the LPL Spring Split with a 7.06 Kill/Death/Assist Ratio (KDA), the second-highest among ADCs, the second-fewest average deaths per game, the fourth-most average assists per game, and the fifth-most average Creep Score (CS) per game. He is a do-it-all ADC and should be considered for the MVP spot on this slate.

Yagao ($8,700) is to the Mid lane as what LokeN was to ADC during the Spring Split. Yagao ended with the second-highest KDA, the fewest average deaths per game, the eighth-most average kills per game and so on. He is another top-tier option on this slate and is under $9K.

LvMao ($7,700) is the support for JD Gaming, and we know what a support player brings to the table. They're a cheaper price tag and have a lower ceiling, but they allow you to get exposure to a team. LvMao is ideal for a stack with LokeN.

Zoom ($8,100) was the best top laner in the LPL during the Spring Split -- and it wasn't close. He ended with a 6.62 KDA, while the player in second was at a 4.73 KDA. And it doesn't stop there. He averaged the fewest deaths per game, the most assists per game, and the sixth-most average kills per game. Zoom has a great price tag, and you should buy-in.

Gen.G Esports

Ruler ($9,800) is the second-most expensive player on the slate, and that is a trend for all Gen.G players. Among the eight-most expensive players, Gen.G account for four of the spot, meaning you have to find the savings if you want to roster a full-stack of this squad.

Ruler was among the elite options for ADCs in the LCK Spring Split and should come in as one of the higher-owned players for this slate. He averaged the fifth-most kills per game, the fewest deaths per game, the fourth-most assists per game, and the sixth-most average CS per game. Load him in the ADC spot or the MVP spot and watch the fantasy points roll in.

Bdd ($9,000) is amazing. That is the short answer. The long answer is that he was better in the Mid-Lane than Ruler was at ADC -- and we just established that Ruler was elite. So, here we go. Bdd had the highest KDA among Mid-Laners in the LCK Spring Split, averaged the most kills per game, the most assists per game, the fewest deaths per game, and had the highest Kill Participation (KP) percentage. He is the Christian McCaffrey of this slate, and you want him in your lineups.

Clid ($8,400) or Life ($7,800) can round out your Gen.G stack -- with the latter having a lower ceiling since he is their support player. Both are secondary players on Gen.G but help you get exposure to a very strong team.

Invictus Gaming

TheShy ($7,600) and most of the players from Invictus Gaming are among the cheapest options at their given positions. As noted above, if we are looking at a group of teams who aren't too different, you can go to Invictus Gaming as a stack. TheShy averaged the third-most kills per game in the LPL Spring Split but also averaged the most deaths per game. He has plenty of upside, but there is a sizable amount of risk associated with rostering him.

Rookie ($8,000) is the cheapest Mid-Laner on the slate and had a similar season to TheShy. Rookie averaged 4.13 kills per game -- the fifth-most in the LPL among Mids -- but averaged the third-most deaths per game. The savings are very clear if you roster Rookie, but there's rish here.

Puff ($9,000), oddly enough, followed a similar path to what TheShy and Rookie did during the Spring Split. Puff averaged the most kills per game for ADCs and was in the middle of the pack for average deaths per game. Given his potential kill upside and the fact he is the cheapest ADC on the slate, he has to be one of the best point-per-dollar plays.


Keria ($7,400) and DragonX are the underdogs in all three of their games -- but as noted above, it's by just a slight margin, and you should consider them viable in fantasy. Keria is the second-cheapest player who should be playing on this slate and is a viable punt option. If you want to go full-on stars-and-scrubs roster build, Keria fits into that.

Chovy ($8,200) had the third-highest KDA among Mid-Laners in the LCK Spring Split, yet we find him as the second-cheapest mid on the slate. As mentioned yesterday, you could roster him here and then spend for one of the more expensive options in the MVP spot.

Deft ($9,400) follows the same path as Chovy in terms of potential usage on this slate. He is on the cheaper side of ADCs, yet he averaged the second-most kills per game in the LCK Spring Split along with the fourth-highest KDA.