Rocket League Daily Fantasy Helper: Saturday 5/9/20

The esports offerings on FanDuel keep growing, and we can now play Rocket League.

If you're not familiar, Rocket League is very easy to figure out, as it is basically a three-on-three soccer game played with vehicles instead of virtual people. Each matchup is a best-of-five series, with each single game lasting five minutes (with extra time as needed for ties).

The scoring is pretty straightforward, and FanDuel lineups include just four players, highlighted by a Captain (points multiplied by 1.5) and a Star (points multiplied by 1.2).

Scoring FanDuel Points
Games Not Played
(Winning Team) (GNPW)
Games Not Played
(Losing Team) (GNPL)
Goals (G) 12
Hat Tricks (HT) 10
Assists (A) 7
Saves (SV) 6
Highest In-Game Score
(Winning Team) (MVP) (One Per Game)
Games Won by Team Within a Match (W) 5
Shots on Goal (SOG) 3

Slate Overview

Saturday's Main Slate (12 p.m. EST)
Dignitas vs. Canyons
FC Barcelona vs. Endpoint
Renault Vitality vs. Team BDS
mousesports vs. The Clappers

The teams listed on the left qualified via a top-four showing in the Rocket League Championship Series Season 9, while the four teams on the right got here through the open qualifier. As you'd expect, that means the teams are the left are the favored sides, but as we've seen on recent weekends, anything can happen in Rocket League.

Make sure to study up on stats and rosters.

Players to Target

Fairy Peak! ($17,200) - The Renault Vitality-Team BDS matchup should be a fantasy dream as the two sides combine to average 4.56 goals per game, per Octane, making it a match to zero in on. Renault Vitality is certainly priced as the favorite, and if I'm going to spend up for anyone on this slate, it'll be Fairy Peak!. Dude is second on the slate in goals per game (0.94) while also averaging 0.63 assists, 1.87 saves and 3.21 shots on goal per outing. He's accounted for 41.13% of RV's goals and 33.33% of their assists. Kaydop ($16,800) works as a stacking partner -- although it's a pricey stack -- or a pivot off Fairy Peak!. Kaydop averages 0.77 goals, 0.65 assists, 1.44 saves and 3.26 shots on goal per game while scoring 34.04% of RV's goals and recording 34.19% of their assists.

ViolentPanda ($15,500) - Dignitas owns a +30 goal differential and is up against a Canyons side with a +8 goal differential in Round 1. Canyons isn't a pushover by any means, but Dignitas is one of the bigger favorites on the slate. AztraL ($17,800) is the top producer for Dignitas, but ViolentPanda's numbers are pretty darn good, too, and he's a lot more affordable. ViolentPanda carries per-game averages of 0.69 goals, 0.64 assists, 1.34 saves and 2.81 shots on goal. He accounts for 33.15% of Dignitas' goals and 35.48% of their assists, compared to 35.39% and 40.00% clips, respectively, for AztraL. I expect Dignitas and RV to be popular teams on this slate.

Flakes ($15,300) - Overall, the FC Barcelona-Endpoint matchup might not be very fantasy friendly as the two teams combined to average a mere 3.58 goals per game. But that could could push people away from this clash, making it a decent place to look if you're trying to miss ownership. For FC Barcelona, Ronaky ($17,400) accounts for 45.24% of the team's goals and 34.95% of their assists. He's a stud. But similar to what we just broke down with ViolentPanda and AztraL, Flakes is also really good and is much cheaper. Flakes has scored 34.92% of FCB's goals and dished out 34.95% of their assists, averaging 0.62 goals, 0.51 assists, 2.25 saves and 2.46 shots on goal per game.

arju ($12,700) - arju is my favorite -- and the cheapest -- way to get exposure to the mousesports-The Clappers tilt, a matchup which is a little bit of an unknown since The Clappers don't have much of a track record. For mousesports, arju posts a team-best 1.27 combined goals and assists per game (0.72 goals and 0.55 assists) and is mispriced as their cheapest player. He accounts for 34.86% of the side's goals and 32.95% of the assists. He's priced where it's easy to get him into any build. Stacking mousesports shouldn't be too popular, and they might bulldoze The Clappers. Kuxir97 ($16,600) scores 36.36% of their goals and averages 0.73 goals, 0.45 assists, 1.68 saves and 2.88 shots on goal per game.

M0nkey M00n ($11,600) - Based purely on stats, M0nkey M00n for this price is a heck of a deal, though the matchup is a difficult one versus RV. He tops the slate in goals per game (1.09) while tossing in 0.56 assists, 2.00 saves and 3.65 shots on goal per game. He has scored 47.62% of Team BDS' goals and registered 32.63% of their assists. As we mentioned earlier, we should get goals in the BDS-RV clash, and M0nkey M00n is a cost-efficient way to get exposure to a really good player in that game. As a boost, he might not see a bunch of ownership with BDS an open qualifier.

RelatingWave ($9,600) - Endpoint has a decent shot against FC Barcelona and is probably the most live underdog. Endpoint scores more goals per game than FCB (1.81 to 1.77), and the goal differential only slightly favors Barcelona (+6 to -9). Even if you think Endpoint will lose, RelatingWave is worth a look. For me, he's one of the better point-per-dollar plays on the slate, and his salary gives you a lot of flexibility. Despite being $1,100 cheaper than teammate virtuoso ($10,700), RelatingWave paces Endpoint in goals per game (0.71), assists per game (0.50), saves per game (2.02), goal share (39.23%) and assist share (36.23%). He shouldn't be this cheap.