Call of Duty Daily Fantasy Helper: Week 7 Florida, Saturday 5/9/20

FanDuel is now offering Call of Duty League DFS, and we have a tournament starting on Friday. If you are new to Call of Duty DFS, I put together a quick introduction piece to give you the basics. The rosters are similar to CS:GO DFS, and we'll take a look at a few different things to break down some players in good situations.

MVP Considerations

Simp, Atlanta FaZe ($10,400)

FaZe come into this tournament as the odds on favorite to win it all, and we want to look towards their players for consistency along with upside. Simp played 16 maps two weeks ago during the Chicago Home Series -- 11 respawn maps and 5 Search and Destroy maps -- giving us a good sample size to look at.

On those 11 respawn maps, Simp averaged 26.7 kills, with a high of 48 and 50 kills. He brings in a massive ceiling of points, and the 50 kills on a respawn map are a new record-high for the league. He did, however, post 13 and 16 kills on two maps, but it's a game with high variance -- so not too much to worry about. Simp is an elite option for the MVP spot, and there aren't many -- if any -- players on this slate who can match his upside.

Fero, Florida Mutineers ($9,900)

Fero and the Mutineers won the Dallas Home Series four weeks ago and are back in action, looking to jump into the top four in the league standings. During that tournament win, Fero played a whopping 21 maps, 15 of which were respawn, where he averaged 29.3 kills. Along with an amazing average, he posted 23 kills or more on 14 of the 15 maps he played -- showing he has a very high floor of points.

Florida are looking strong as a team, and Fero has been posting consistent numbers at every step along the way. He is worth spending up for and likely going to be a popular play today.


Jurd, London Royal Ravens ($7,700)

The Royal Ravens are a middle of the road team -- currently in seventh place -- but they offer a bit of value on this slate. We all want to spend up for players like Simp and Fero, but in order to do so, you need to find the savings along the way. They played two weeks ago at the Chicago Home Series but only played seven total maps. Of those seven, five were respawn, which is where we want to focus in on for fantasy points.

Despite London Royal Ravens bouncing out of that tournament tied for last place, Jurd held his own and averaged 23 kills across the five respawn maps he played. He isn't too expensive, and given the volume of kills he is having, he is a good value play to help ease roster construction.

SiLLY, Minnesota RØKKR ($9,400)

Two weeks ago, Minnesota RØKKR lost in the finals to Florida but look very strong as a team. They generally have consistent and even production across many of their players, but SiLLY has a great price tag today and brings a high floor of points. Through the 14 respawn maps he played two weeks ago, SiLLY averaged 24.9 kills per map.

He played five maps of domination in this sample and averaged 5.4 caps per game -- a boost to his overall floor of points. Captures and capture time aren't a massive source of points, but you are building on an already strong floor from kills -- it only brings him more value at his salary.


Florida Mutineers ($5,700)

Florida won the most recent tournament they attended -- two weeks ago -- and had the third-best odds to win this event prior to its start. It'd be great to pay up for FaZe, but their salary is a bit too much and can impact the rest of your lineup. Florida offers a good combination of price, the likelihood of winning their series, and ease of stacking with their players.