League of Legends Daily Fantasy Helper: EU Masters, Saturday 5/9/20

FanDuel is offering League of Legends daily fantasy, and look, if you don't know what that is, it's okay.

I have you covered with a detailed but straightforward primer to get you all set up, whether you're a DFS player looking to dig into the new sport, or a League of Legends fan ready to take your action over to FanDuel.

The playoffs for the EU Masters have arrived, and we have two quarterfinals to breakdown today.


AGO ROGUE won their quarterfinals series against mousesports with a 2-0. That was a bit of a surprise for most people since mousesports were one of the strongest teams in the league and strong favorites in that series. AGO not only won the series yesterday, but they looked flat out dominant. In Game 1, they only had three deaths as a team. In Game 2, they had only five deaths as a team. They secured a ton of objectives, they minimized their downside, and played damn near perfect League of Legends.

In that two-game sweep, Czekolad ($8.500) posted 18 kills, nine assists, and only two deaths. He played his best two games since the EU Masters started and should be a prime option on this slate.

Both Szygenda ($8,000) and Mystiques ($7,400) sit in the top 16 for the highest Kill/Death/Assist Ratio (KDA) in the EU Masters. Mystiques offers a bit of point-per-dollar upside since he is their support. He should be a popular option due to the fact it gets you exposure to AGO on the cheap.

Szygenda is an interesting option as a top laner -- a role that normally doesn't have a ton of upside. Stacking mid, ADC, support, and jungle has a higher upside, which presents Szygenda as a bit of a leverage play. He had seven kills, 15 assists, and no deaths in their 2-0 series win yesterday.

Of course, Woolite ($9,600), their ADC, has a high ceiling and can be added to an AGO stack -- just a matter of fitting his salary in with your roster construction.


LDLC won their first-round matchup against BT Excel in a 2-0 series sweep, which should put us in a spot for a good series against AGO ROGUE. Both of these teams were in Group B -- LDLC finishing in first, AGO in second -- and that means they have played three games against each other prior to this matchup. This gives us a decent sample size to look at, and we'll look to draw some conclusions from that.

Before we get to their head-to-head matchups, let's look at how LDLC did in their 2-0 win over BT Excel. Over the two games, LDLC died a total of eight times as a team -- which is amazing. Much like AGO's first-round victory, LDLC played strong in every aspect of the game, winning lanes and taking objectives -- all leading to plenty of fantasy points.

Vetheo ($9.400) played an amazing two games against BT Excel, posting eight kills, nine kills, and no deaths. While the deaths won't stay at zero, the upside he shows is something always worth spending up for.

YellOwStaR ($7,900) was involved in 12 of the kills in the first game against BT Excel but only six of 11 in the second game. This is inconsistent and shown by his 60.8% Kill Participation Percentage (KP) -- which is the second-lowest among all supports in the league.

Tynx ($8,900) played a huge role in the two games against BT Excel -- 75% KP in Game 1 and 91% KP in Game 2. As a jungler, he will always have that potential upside and makes a great addition to an LDLC stack.

Hades ($10,300) has the highest KDA in the entire EU Masters -- 29.33 -- while the player in second place is at 7.5. Hades has died a total of two times in LDLC's 10 games and offers one of the safest floor of points on the slate.

In the three matches LDLC played against AGO in the group stage, LDLC won two of them. The standout performers from those games were Hades and Tynx.

Movistar Riders

Movistar Riders are the favorites in this series, but they are cheaper compared to K1CK. Can we use this to our advantage?

Both Movistar and AGO are the favorites in their respective series, yet they are the two cheapest teams on the slate. We should be looking at this as a spot where we can find value in the players. Movistar is playing K1CK -- who was in their group and won two of the three games against them.

Elyoya ($8,400) has the sixth-highest KDA in the EU Masters and comes in with three or fewer deaths in every single game in the tournament. He holds a strong KP of 70.1% and should continue to post strong numbers every game.

rhuckz ($7,500) has the seventh-highest KDA in the EU Masters and should be considered among the better value plays on the slate, since he is the second-cheapest player in action. He could be considered one of the best supports in the league, with the highest KP among supports and the fourth-highest overall.

JaVaaa ($9,800) has been amazingly consistent for Movistar since the league started and should be considered among the best point-per-dollar plays on the entire slate. He is the second-cheapest ADC, and if Movistar are going to win this series, you can expect plenty of points from him. He has three kills or more in six straight games, with five or more in five of those six.

Xico ($8,800) also offers value as a mid-laner since he is under $9K and comes in with five assists or more in six straight games. Stacking Movistar Riders is a great idea on this slate, given their prices and their status as favorites.

K1CK eSports Club

K1CK come in as the underdogs versus Movistar, but they're only slight 'dogs and can still be stacked on this slate.

Puki Style ($10,200) has shown to be their most consistent player along with carrying the highest upside. He averaging 4.8 kills per game, which is the second-highest among ADCs remaining in the tournament.

Matislaw ($9,200) has the second-highest KDA in the entire league and comes in with two or fewer deaths in six straight games. But he has three kills or fewer in four of those same six games.

iBo ($8,300) has been surprisingly strong in the team's last two wins, but that is a bit random since he is a top laner. He has a wider range of outcomes, but that should be embraced for tournaments and should be lower-owned in stacks.