League of Legends Daily Fantasy Helper: EU Masters, Tuesday 5/5/20

FanDuel is offering League of Legends daily fantasy, and look, if you don't know what that is, it's okay.

I have you covered with a detailed but straightforward primer to get you all set up, whether you're a DFS player looking to dig into the new sport, or a League of Legends fan ready to take your action over to FanDuel.

The playoffs for the EU Masters have arrived, and we have two quarterfinals to breakdown today. All matchups are going to be a best-of-three series with a team who finished in first in their group versus a team who finished second in another group.


mousesports are a one seed coming into the playoffs and were the only team at the end of the group stage to finish with a 5-1 record. That would put them as the first overall seed and a clear favorite in this matchup -- and potentially, the favorite to win the championship. After the six games in the group stage, mousesports ended with four players in the top 20 when it comes to Kill/Death/Assist Ratio (KDA). They are the most expensive team on the slate -- but appear to be the best team in the tournament -- and a clear stacking option today.

Jeskla ($10,500) is the most expensive player on the slate and held the third-best KDA -- 7.36 -- at the end of group play and should be considered one of the top overall options on the slate. He had four kills or more in four of their six games, with three or fewer deaths in every single game.

promisq ($8,000) is the support for mousesports -- making him their cheapest player -- and a clear option for stacking. He is the most expensive support on the slate, but you are getting exposure to the best team in the cheapest way possible.

When it comes to Obsess ($9,000) and Tolkin ($8,900) -- their jungler and top laner -- they have a lower overall floor of points due to the positions they play, but can still be trusted when it comes to stacks.


LDLC finished the final day of group play with a 2-1 record -- forcing a tiebreaker -- where they went 2-0 to secured the top seed in Group B. They have an implied win probability of 58.8% against BT Excel -- who finished in second in Group A. This should be the closer of the two matchups, so let's jump in.

Hades ($10,400) ended the group stage with a 37.0 KDA, the player in second was at 7.4. Yes, you read that correctly. Hades died a total of two times through six games -- which is absolutely insane. That KDA isn't sustainable -- in the long-term -- but is still a player worth targeting on this slate. He makes an excellent choice for the MVP spot, along with being a core option if you are stacking LDLC.

TynX ($8,800) is the jungler for LDLC and showed a high ceiling in their wins, as you would expect. He had five assists or more in six of their eight matches during group play -- reminder, they played two tiebreakers.

YellOwStaR ($7,800) brings strong point per dollar upside since he is their support and the cheapest player. Vetheo ($8,900) is the mid laner but hasn't shown too much of an upside so far in this league. He had a maximum of six kills but also had three kills or fewer five times.

BT Excel

BT Excel come in as very slight underdogs versus LDLC and should be popular due to their prices. You simply cannot stack both mousesports and LDLC, which puts BT Excel in a spot to be popular in roster construction. They are riding a four-game winning streak to end group play and should be able to push this to a full three games. Surprisingly, they had three players finish in the top 20 for KDA in the EU Masters through the group stage.

KaSing ($7,100) is the cheapest player on the entire slate, yet he finished with the eighth-highest KDA in the entire league. A legitimate punt play in terms of pricing, but has piled up 10 assists or more in each of his last four games.

Deadly ($9,500) has six kills or more in three of his last four games and has to be one of the best 'value' plays on the slate. He is the second-cheapest ADC on the slate and if BT Excel are to win this series -- as very slight underdogs -- Deadly is going to have massive upside.

Special ($8,400) is an interesting case in mid lane. In the seven games they played during the group stage, he had two kills or fewer five times. He doesn't have much of a ceiling but could offer leverage on the slate.

AGO Rogue

AGO Rogue are the largest underdogs on the slate and sit with a 39.2% win probability. Their players are the cheapest at four of the five positions on this slate and offer the much-needed salary relief. When it comes to roster construction, taking one or two of their players might be necessary to afford another stack you want.

Czekolad ($8,300) is the mid laner for AGO, held the highest KDA on his team, and is the cheapest mid laner on the slate. A very clear option to put in the mid spot, allowing you to put a second mid in the MVP spot.

Szygenda ($7,900) has five kills or more in each of his last three games and fits into a stars and scrubs build. It also makes sense to target Woolite ($9,400) as a viable option, given the ceiling potential he brings as an ADC.